Dear Lynnewood Community,

I am honored to serve as the principal of Lynnewood Elementary School, and am committed helping every child recognize and reach his or her full potential. The Lynnewood community has created a culture where effort, hard work, and academic excellence are the norm.   Our students are curious, always seeking to learn new information and connecting their learning to past experiences.  Lynnewood teachers work hard every single day and teach our children the concepts in the curriculum as well as how to become kind, responsible, and respectful individuals.  Lynnewood is a very special place where students are encouraged to learn and grow into knowledgeable, caring, and respectful citizens. 

We follow a school-wide behavior matrix to build a more positive learning environment for all students.  The three main focus areas on the matrix are Being Respectful, Being Responsible, and Being Ready.  Our teachers explicitly teach and model the expected behaviors and students have responded by demonstrating these expected behaviors across all school environments. 

I look forward to continuing our work together as educators and parents in this community to provide our children with opportunities to become self-motivated learners and productive citizens.   We are fortunate to have very supportive parents who care deeply about their children’s education.  I welcome parent input that contributes to the mission of educating our children; please don’t hesitate to contact me with your suggestions or concerns.

In partnership,

Jillian McGilvery, Principal