Floor Hockey

Lynnewood's Floor Hockey Club will start playing the first week in February!

EVERYONE is encouraged to come out to practice, whether you are new to the sport, or already a pro be sure to wear sneakers and appropriate clothing to practice. Because safety is important, you will need a mouth guard and eye masks. You can purchase the mouth guard at any sporting goods store. Lynnewood will be ordering the eye masks in bulk and we ask for a payment of
$5.00 for the glasses. The floor hockey program is intended to be a fun, recreational activity for the kids. We hope that new friendships will be developed within and between grade levels, while enjoying healthy competition. This club is for participating students only, due to space limitations there are no spectators.

Each child will have the opportunity to play various positions. Games will be held in the Lynnewood Gym. All students should be picked up PROMPTLY at 4:25 PM in the PARKING LOT by the FIFTH GRADE WING. If any children are permitted to walk home, they MUST provide a note prior to the first game.

All forms must be turned in by Wednesday, January 23rd, 2019 for participation!
1. Signed Permission Slip
 2. Signed Cardiac Arrest Information Form
 3. Signed Understanding and Risk of Concussion Form


Date Game Game
February 6 1v2 3v4
February 7 5v6 3v2
February 8 1v5 6v4
February 11 2v5 3v6
February 12 1v4 6v2
February 19 5v4 1v3
February 20 1v6 2v4
February 21 3v5 2v1
February 22 4v6 5v2
February 25 4v3 6v5
February 26 2v3 5v1
February 28 6v3 4v1
March 5 Playoffs!  
March 6 Playoffs!  
March 11 Championship!  


Team 1 - The Godly Goats

Captain: Jack Izzi
Captain: Darcy Quaile
Eamon Brennan
David Flanagan
Will Donahue
Miles Clayton
Brian Pelipsky
Sam Dobbs
Gary Scottoline
James Wang
Madelyn Dakko
Emma Shuker
Arnaly Lazu

Team 2 - Gucci Tik Tokerz

Captain: Maja Bogdanowich
Captain: Dante Raushi
Hope Heinerichs
Sean Lawson
John Snopkowski
Owen Lisansky
Reese Vitale
Sean Rowan
Rocco Miksit
Theresa Smith
Ryan Cartafalsa
Kallie Sapienza
Maia Schoff

Team 3 - Fire Shooting Chicken Nugget

Captain: Lucy Isle
Captain: Tom Paterson
Dean Peetros
Sophia Caserta
Chase Taylor
Marisol Ferrios
Ian Ailes
Hunter McCartney
Genevieve Cuffia
Dominic Scarpon
Ella Myhasuk
Katherine Ye

Team 4 - Tilted Tacos

Captain: Molly McFadden
Captain: Olivia Carson
Lindsay Kelly
Graidey O'Hanlon
Bobby Frey
Hannah Fisher
Brady Smith
Erin Simpson
Julia McWilliams
Luke Sanfrances
Gianna Brink
Lex Dalena
April Cetintas

Team 5 - Purple Lazer Nuggets

Captain: Rachel Traore
Captain: Kaiden Hagan
Michael Delacy
Liam Roache
Zosia McArdle
Norman Schuster
Cooper Heckman
Amelia Wojo
Tyrus Majka
Shaine Kenney
Qina Keefer
Andrew Howard

Team 6 - Tendy Tortoises

Captain: Cassie McDaid
Captain: Chris Klein
Tynan Murray
Julianne Coyle
Jonathan Awad
Anthony Hobiekat
Zach Johnson
Ben Robertson
Hunter Haynes
Lucas Rothstein
Carter Lee
Ryan Porreca
Evelyn Awad


Lynnewood Floor Hockey 2019 information