Social Studies Sites

African-American Museum

(Cleveland, Ohio)

"Tuskegee Airman: African Americans in Flight" provides students an opportunity to explore the lives of the Tuskegee Airmen during World War II.

Contact: Sandy Kreisman
Albany Institute of History and Art

(Albany, New York)

"Mummies and Ancient Egypt" students learn about the cultures

"Facing Portraits" students look at a  portraits that reveal personal and cultural values 

Contact: Deputy Director for Education and Public Programs 518-463-4478
Atlanta History Center

(Atlanta, Georgia )

Sessions on the Tuskegee Airmen - students listen to the experiences of WWII pilots, study maps, analyze strategy and learn about the strides taken to desegregate the US Military

Contact: Laura Bendoly, Director of Distance Learning 404-814-4126
American Labor Museum

(Haledon, New Jersey)

"opportunity to learn more about the history and contemporary issues of working people, workplaces and the labor movement with special attention to immigrants...source of inspiration for students to become active members of their community, country and world."

Contact:  e-mail or 973-595-7953
Battleship New Jersey Museum and Memorial

(Camden, New Jersey) 

National social studies standards, "Eyewitness to American History", oral history interviews with a U.S. Armed Services veterans

Contact: Doug Buchanan 1-866-877-6262 x222
Center for Agricultural Science and Heritage

(Indianapolis, Indiana)

"Agriculture touches every living person. The food we eat, the clothes we wear, the products we use, the way of life which developed the values, economy, and culture of our nation find roots in agriculture. "

Contact: Justin Armstrong, Distance Learning Director 317-925-2410
Center for Puppetry Arts

(Atlanta, Georgia)

"Students are briefly introduced to different styles of puppets from around the world. Students participate in learning activities about a topic and create a working puppet of their very own."  "Puppetry in other Cultures" and "Exploring Africa" 

Contact: Patty Petrey Dees, Distance Learning Specialist 404-881-5117
Chicago History Museum

(Chicago, Illinois)

A history and museum studies series, "During this series students will learn the techniques historians use to discover information about objects and develop skills in creating historically relevant narratives around information acquired from artifacts and other primary sources" Contact: Distance Learning 312-642-4600
Children’s Museum of Indianapolis

(Indianapolis, Indiana)

reservations are required weeks in advance, "What’s My Line" has students interviewing museum staff to discover their lines of work, "Egyptian Mummies" explores real mummies from the museum’s collection

Contact: Charlene Brombaugh, Distance Learning 317-334-4115
Cleveland Museum of Art

The extensive art collection represents a multitude of the world’s civilizations and cultures, all grade levels, programs - "Spanish Art" (optional Spanish language presentation - lead time needed), and "The Art of Adornment: Avenue to Personal and Social Identity."

Contact: Lanaia Burbank, Distance Learning Scheduling 216-707-2468
Conner Museum

(Fishers, Indiana)

National open-air living history museum for dedicated to the research of the lives of the early 19th century settlers of the Old Northwest Territory. Some of the programs listed include, "Native Ways" and "Healing Hands: Medicine in Early Days."

Contact: Tara Lagana 317-776-6000 X261
Eiteljorg Museum of American Indians and Western Art

(Indianapolis, Indiana) 

"One of two museums east of the Mississippi with both Native American and Western art" - Programs include: "Faces of the West" students discover two or more interesting historical figures that they may or may not find familiar such as Lt. Henry Flipper, a Buffalo Soldier or Stagecoach Mary, a colorful female stagecoach driver.

Contact: Leon Jett 317-636-9378 x119
Everhart Museum of Natural History, Science, & Art

(Scranton, Pennsylvania)

They have three programs: one focusing on their Egyptian collection; one on Africa; and one on colonial history/the Civil War (lecture only).

Contact: Elizabeth W. Hughes, Director of Education 570-346-7186
Experimental Aircraft Association

(Oshkosh, Wisconsin)

History of experimental aviation is documented from the Wright"s earliest efforts to the cutting edge space tourism. Distance Learning programs include web based HS/College level credit courses (, aviation interactive animations, aviation webcasts, and videoconference field trips.

Contact: Milt Hassel, Distance Learning Coordinator/Science Teacher 920-426-6115 or
Fort Ancient Museum

(Oregonia, Ohio)

Located on a 235-foot bluff overlooking the Little Miami River, featuring"18,000 feet of earthen walls built 2,000 years ago by Native Americans as a ceremonial gathering place." Programs teach about the cultures of Native Americans, past and present.

Contact: Jack Blosser 800-283-8904
Freetown Village, Inc.

(Indianapolis, Indiana) 

Educating the public about African American lives and culture in Indiana after the Civil War.

Contact: Nathaniel S. Samba, Ed.D.; Education Specialist 317-631-1870
Gerald R. Ford Museum

(Grand Rapids, Michigan)

U.S. history during the post-World War II era." The Museum offers several videoconference programs including "The Road to the Presidency" and "The Pardon of Richard Nixon."

Contact: Kristin Mooney 616-254-0374
George Eastman House

(Rochester, New York)

International Museum of Photography and Film. Units were developed alongside educators in history, language arts, and visual arts and employ photographs and other visual media, objects, and inquiry-based teaching methods.

Contact: e-mail 585-271-3361 ext. 217
Global Education Motivators

(Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

provides distance learning programs to "Bring the World into the Classroom". Programs include structured and customized programs with the United Nations and on a variety of global issues. Our mission is to move young people from awareness to responsibility. Our current emphasis is on human rights and the Millennium Development Goals.

Contact: Email 215-248-1150
Global Nomads

(New York, New York)

"Founded in 1998, the Global Nomads Group (GNG) is a non-profit organization dedicated to heightening children"s understanding and appreciation for the world and its people."

Contact: 212-529-0377
Grace Museum

(Abilene, Texas)

"houses three museums in the historic Grace Hotel -- The Art Museum, The History Museum and The Children"s Museum." Their distance education program consists of a variety of content including "Journey to the Past" where students journey back in time to the 1900’s to 1950’s. The "Appreciating Art." program is an introduction to the art museum experience that provides young students the opportunity to learn about different types of art styles.

Contact: 325-673-4587
Historic Cold Spring Village

(New Jersey) 

Program includes "A Visit from the Past." Learn about school days in the 1880’s or about a day in the life of a typical Union Army soldier of the Civil War using period clothing, weapons and writings or how about examining the impact of several inventions of the Industrial Revolution! Contact: Jim Stephens, Education Coordinator 609 - 898-2300, ext17
Holocaust Memorial & Education Center of Nassau County

(New York)

Programs include "Heroes of the Holocaust," "Children of the Holocaust" and "Resistance and the Holocaust." The mission of the Holocaust Memorial and Educational Center of Nassau County is to "teach the Holocaust, a unique catastrophe that reflects the horrors of anti-Semitism, and to demonstrate the destructive nature of prejudice, hatred, apathy, and to demonstrate the destructive nature of prejudice, hatred, apathy, and violence against all minorities."
Independence National Historical Park

(Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

"The birthplace of our nation," visit the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall for lessons on the Constitution, Declaration of Independence and the Liberty Bell.

Contact: Cindy Ansel, Partners in Distance Learning Program Manager 888-404-8860
Institute of Texan Cultures

(San Antonio, Texas)

Dedicated to enhancing the understanding of cultural history, science and technology and their influence among people. Programs offered are "The Long Story of African Americans in Texas" or "The Buffalo and its Significance to the North American Plains Indian Culture."

Contact: Ed Johnson  210-458-2223 or Sandra Merrifield   210-458-2326
Intrepid Sea-Air-Space Museum

Teller, Alaska

A "non-profit organization that has its origins as a grass roots family owned business located in a small Eskimo village in". Their vision is a "digitally connected world in which students share their lifestyles and perspectives, while building inquiry skills to solve daily trials and tribulations in authentic learning environments." Videoconference programs include "Mushing the Yukon" and others.

Contact: Christina or Richard Hum or P.O. Box 1027, Talkeetna, AK. 99676
Kigluait Adventures

(Teller, Alaska)

A "digitally connected world in which students share their lifestyles and perspectives, while building inquiry skills to solve daily trials and tribulations in authentic learning environments." Programs include "Mushing the Yukon" and others.

Contact: Christina or Richard Hum  P.O. Box 1027, Talkeetna, AK. 99676
Library of Congress

Washington D.C.

Largest library in the world. In the Library"s National Digital Library Program, there are multimedia collections of digitized documents, photographs, recorded sound and moving pictures from the Library’s collections. 

Includes professional development programs and student invitational events.

Contact: Educational Resources Specialist  202-707-4158
Michigan State University Museum

East Lansing, Michigan

"provides field trips in the science and social studies curriculum areas. These programs allow teachers to provide fun and meaningful learning experiences without the expense, permission forms, and geographic limitations of ordinary field trips."

Contact: Virtual Outreach Program 517-353-3882
Mid-Atlantic Center for the Arts

Cape May, New Jersey,

On a Victorian estate built in 1879. through videoconferencing, students get an introduction to the Victorian lifestyle. Using different artifacts from various collections, museum educators’ point out the differences and similarities between life today and yesteryear. Join the Mid-Atlantic Center for the Arts in a virtual adventure soon.

Contact: Dr. Robert E. Heinly, Museum Education Coordinator 609-884-5404 Ext. 134
Milwaukee Public Museum

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

has students explore "natural and cultural history in an exciting videoconference format with the Passport Distance Learning Series. Mix live interaction between students and Museum educators with a detailed, content-rich curriculum that can"t be found in textbooks. Students can see artifacts and collections unavailable to the public and ask questions during real-time learning sessions." 

Contact: 1-414-278-6148 or website link
Minnetrista Cultural Center
Museum of Modern Art
Museum of Tolerance

Los Angeles, California

Part of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, today, it is an international center for "Holocaust remembrance, the defense of human rights and the Jewish people." The Museum of Tolerance offers speakers that include Holocaust survivors and presentations by former neo-nazi skinheads. These can be done over videoconference along with other museum programs.

Contact: Vonceil Chun, Program Coordinator
National Baseball Hall of Fame

Cooperstown, New York

The famed museum began collecting its first artifact in 1937 and currently contains over 25,000 artifacts representing "all facets of the game from inception to present times." Videoconference programs often portray historical accounts of America by using museum baseball exhibits.

Contact: Education Director 607-547-0347
National D-Day Museum

New Orleans, Louisana

Opened on June 6, 2000, is the only museum in the United States that addresses all of the amphibious invasions or ‘D-days’ of World War II, paying tribute to the more than one million Americans who took part." Programs include "African Americans in World War II Teacher Workshop" and "Women in World War II Workshop."

Contact: Kenneth Hoffman  504 - 527 - 6012 ext. 225
Naval Air Station Wildwood

Rio Grande, New Jersey

Students are now able to take "virtual" field trips to NASW as well as actual ones. Programs include "Pilot Training during Word War II," "Fire the Fish: The Life of a Torpedo Bomber," and "Daredevils of the Sky." to interact with students at alternate sites.

Contact: NASW at 609-886-8787
Newark Museum

Newark, New Jersey

"Distance learning programs that feature Language Arts and Social Studies taught through art and cultural objects. Through guided discussion of selected works of American art from the 19th and 20th centuries, students explore US history through the eyes of artists who painted and sculpted their impressions long ago."

Contact: e-mail 973-596-6558
OASIS Institute

St. Louis, Missouri

They customize programs such as after 9/11 OASIS offered "Getting To Know Your Muslim Neighbor" and "America"s Challenges" with a panel of older adults comparing their experiences during Pearl Harbor and WWII to 9/11. Currently working with several WWII Pearl Harbor Survivors hoping to make their experiences available across the network. 

Contact: Mary Dorney 317-253-1951
Ocean Institute

Dana Point, California

"It is a leader, serving as a resource to museums, school districts, teachers, and others who seek to enhance and strengthen their educational programs.  The curriculum vailable programs crosses content all traditional disciplines, but draws heavily from history and the sciences using content derived from the ocean." 

Contact: Jon Witt, Videoconference Coordinator 949-496-2274 ext 330
Ohio Historical Society

Columbus, Ohio

Their distance learning program transports students back through time to historic venues ranging from "river boats to Civil War parlours to prehistoric mounds to the Underground Railroad."

Contact: Scheduling Offices of The Ohio Historical Center 800-850-3245 or Fort Ancient 800-283-8904
Pennsylvania Anthracite Museum

Scranton, Pennsylvania

"examines the industries and people of the Hard Coal Region." Programs include: Anthracite Coal Mining, The Textile Industry in Northeast Pennsylvania, Social Life in Coal Regions, and Introduction to Museums and Collecting.

Contact: Chester Kulesa, Acting Site Administrator 570-963-4804
Pier Wisconsin

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

"takes your classroom live to the deck of the S/V Denis Sullivan, beneath the waves to a shipwreck, to a coral reef or join researchers in the field from your classroom. Videoconferencing (Portal Expeditions) makes this all possible through an interactive network of learners, educators and industry professionals developed by Pier Wisconsin and Discovery World. "

Contact: e-mail 414-276-7700
President Benjamin Harrison Home

Indianapolis, Indiana

Programs include "Hail to the Chief," "Civil War" and "Is the United States a Democracy." Harrison was the 23rd President of the United States (the first one to decorate a Christmas tree in the White House!).

Contact: Dave Pleiss 317-631-2717
Presque Isle State Park

Erie, Pennsylvania

Presque Isle is a National Natural Landmark with diverse plants and animals that attracts many visitors. The first users of the peninsula were the Eriez Tribe, giving Lake Erie its name. Students can learn about the historical, natural and environmental issues of Presque Isle via a videoconference!

Contact: Ted Miller, Environmental Education Specialist 814-833-0351

United Kingdom

A national archives holding nearly "10 million original documents, relating to the lat 1000 years of history. Whichever workshop you choose to do, students will get to consult expert staff at PRO and make use of original historical documents, or have them brought back to life by costumed actors in sessions specially developed for video conference."

Contact: e-mail, weblink
Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania

Strasburg, Pennsylvania,

On Route 741 about a mile east of the "only traffic signal in town!" The Museum is dedicated to preserving railroad history. One way to pass this history along is via videoconferencing to students. A number of videoconference programs are available such as "Freight Cars on my Mind" and "Let"s Run a Railroad."

Contact: Pat Morrison, Museum Educator 717-687-8628 ext 3025
Red Vista Ranch Learning Center

Cave Creek, Arizona

"quality educational programs geared to grades K-12. Located on a working horse ranch, the Learning Center is a positioned leader for southwest based content. Our strong partnership with expert instructors combined with our unique desert location, expertise in education, and proficiency with videoconferencing technology allow us to offer videoconferencing."

Contact: Linda Ackermann or Maura Isaacs 480-473-4915
Robin Run Village

Indianapolis, Indiana

A "unique retirement community for adults; preserving part of Indiana"s past and a harbinger of the future. Residents come from many walks of life and professions. Their life experiences, vast and diverse, form the foundation from which distance learning programs are developed. Please contact us to customize a videoconference program to meet your needs!"

Contact: Robin Stoner 317-298-4321
Rutgers-Camden Center for the Arts

Rutgers, NJ

"D"Arts - Distance Learning in the Arts", programs available in categories of Visual Arts in Diverse Curricular Contexts and Sources for Drama.

Contact: Noreen Scott Garrity 856-225-6350
Schenectady Museum

Schenectady, New York

"The ‘THING That Changed the World’ is a live, interactive program that explores how electrification of the home changed family life, and stimulated the industrial revolution and rise in consumerism during the early 1900s. In a lively Q&A format with a Museum educator, students discover the science and evolution of a simple, household electrical appliance by exploring Museum objects and primary source documents such as factory photographs and advertisements."

Contact the Education Department 518-382-7890 ext. 224
Smithsonian American Art Museum

Washington, DC.

Visit the Smithsonian American Art Museum by videoconference free of charge, for students from kindergarten through college.  Museum docents lead the study of U.S. history and culture using or extensive holdings of American art.  Content corresponds to national education standards, and tours can be tailored to match a teacher"s specific objectives.

Contact: Colleen Brown 202-275-1693
Stark County Park District, Sanders Center of Outdoor Education

Massillon, Ohio

The "Changing Patterns of Life Along the Canal" program will teach how the Ohio and Erie canal has changed the lives of many different people throughout history.

Contact: Sara Buell
United States House of Representatives

Washington, D.C.

First Congress on March 4, 1789, teachers can videoconference to the House of Representatives

Contact: Representatives first, then the Videoconference Director for the House of Representatives 202-226-6200
United States National Archives and Records Administration

Washington, D.C.

Students can look at primary source documents; Teacher in-service can be provided on how to teach with documents.

Contact: Kahlil Chism,  Education Specialist 202-208-6163
United States Senate

Washington, D.C.

Visit your Senator for a unique "Capitol experience." 

Contact: the Senator"s office first, then Torgun Eckroad, Production Director, 202-224-4977
USS Arizona Museum

Honolulu’s Pearl Harbor, Hawaii

Where "the battle-scarred, submerged remains of the battleship USS Arizona rest on the silt of Pearl Harbor, just as they settled on December 7, 1941, a date which will live in infamy." Videoconference programs available include student talks with Pearl Harbor survivor, Curator Series, and Historian Series. 

Contact: Julie Cox 808-753-4428
Virent Broadcasting Company

Reynoldsburg, Ohio

Historical Impersonators broadcasted live to schools; tunnel to the past with Abe Lincoln, Orville Wright, Annie Oakley and others.

Contact: Jim Spence, Founder 614-860-9558
Virtual School @ Vanderbilt University

Nashville, Tennessee

"Areas of focus include career opportunities, talks with authors and topics concerning democracy."  Programs & series available: Career Conversations, The Holocaust and Other Genocides, Black History Month, and Women"s History Month."

Contact: Jan Zanetis
Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions

This state agency offers presentations on savings and investing, including programs titled "Your Money Matters" and "Fraud." Check out

Contact: e-mail 1-608-267-1713
YouthSPAN Global Videoconferencing

Washington, D.C.

YouthSPAN"s mission is to provide an opportunity for direct interaction between young Americans and their counterparts abroad; discuss international issues and improve understanding between the U.S., its allies and the international community.

Contact: Faisal Khalid 202-828-1282