More Videoconferece Sites

Videoconference Organization Seminars (VOS)

Valencia, Spain

"A Fantastic and exciting way for students to practice their Spanish and learn about other cultures y meeting face to face with Spanish students."  Presentations on the Archaelogical Ruins in Lyria, Spain available.

Contact: Jose Luis Sabater, Coordinator Presenter 34-607-87-96-87

Fort Lauderdale, FL

Students all over the world use videoconferencing to communicate, discuss different subjects, share lessons, take joint field trips and hold concerts together.

Contact: Link
Museum of Television and Radio

New York, New York

Los Angeles, California

Videoconferencing with the either allows teachers and students access to the archive of over 120,000 television and radio programs.


     California: Scott Frank 1-310-786-1099

     New York: Samara Minkin 1-212-621-6738
Library of Congress

Washington D.C.

Largest library in the world. In the Library's National Digital Library Program, there are multimedia collections of digitized documents, photographs, recorded sound and moving pictures from the Library’s collections. 

Includes professional development programs and student invitational events.

Contact: Educational Resources Specialist  202-707-4158
E3 Electronic Field Trips

(Muncie, Indiana)

Ball State University E3 programs offer your students an amazing and unmatched way to explore the mysteries, experience the struggles, and expand their world as we bring the nation's treasures into your classroom

Contact: Patty Northcutt, Ball State University Teachers College 765-285-4680
Center for Interactive Learning and Collaboration

(Indianapolis, Indiana)

K-12 content, planning and best practices, professional development "a wealth of experts such as artists, authors, city planners, scientists and more! Videoconference participants interact with individuals from diverse geographic, racial and socio-economic backgrounds."

Contact: 866-826-CILC (2452)
California Department of Parks and Recreation


Live presentations to classrooms from parks throughout the state and country,includes support, structure, preparation, and follow-up for units of study

Contact: Joe Von Herrmann