Career Development Sites

New York Institute of Technology Culinary Arts Center


Central Islip, New York

A few of the many lessons offered include "Which Came First: The Chicken or the Egg," "Chocolate Truffles," and "Food Chemistry."

Contact: Gunter Grossman, Director 631-348-3233

Langley, Virginia

A "series of FREE videoconferencing programs designed to extend and strengthen NASA's commitment to educational excellence at the pre college (3-12) and university levels (13-18)." Program topics range from career choices to weather to International business etiquette!

Contact: e-mail
Indiana University Purdue University School of Science


(Indianapolis, Indiana)

Middle & High School Students

Program "Careers in Science...The emergence of technology in business and industries offers high paying jobs to individuals who wish to advance their education in science, law, business, and other technological or health related fields".

Contact: Kim S. Nguyen