Chromebook Battery: Power Saving Tips

 Tips to Make Your Battery Last

Lower your screen brightness

○      You can adjust it to a comfortable setting that uses less power.

○      Lowering the brightness to about half will increase your battery life substantially

Standby Mode

○      When you are not using your Chromebook, put it in standby mode by closing the lid

○      Your websites and other work will still be there when you return, but the screen will turn off and power               use will be greatly reduced

○      Upon opening, simply enter your password to jump right back into action!

Shutting Down

○      This will save even more battery than standby because it minimizes battery drain to almost nothing. 

○      It also only adds about 5 seconds to your log in time so why not?

Closing Programs

○      Close out of apps you are not using, it will also make your Chromebook run faster and save power!

○      The more apps you have open, the more power is needed to sustain them, so close them out if you don’t             immediately need them

○      This is especially true for online games, youtube and netflix.

Lowering Volume

○      This isn’t the largest culprit of battery drain, but it does contribute to it

○      Whether you are using the speakers or headphones, keeping the volume down will reduce power output!


○      Do not leave unneeded USB devices plugged in your Chromebook that you are not using. They draw power!


○      Do not leave your Chromebook at extreme high or low temperatures for a long period of time.

○      Also do not leave it in direct sunlight.


○      The best way to make it through the day, is to start  it with a full battery!