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Amy Shubert, RN, CSN         Mary O'Sullivan, RN, CSN            Catherine Thompson, RN
Certified School Nurse          Certified School Nurse                 Medical Building Assistant

A Message From the High School Nurse's Office:

We are excited to welcome you back to school! Please pay close attention to the following important messages regarding vaccination/physical exam requirements and updated COVID information.

Vaccination/Physical Exam Updates:

State medical requirements

11th grade physicals - all 11th grade students in the State are required to have a physical completed by their doctor or, if you choose, the school physician. If you choose to have the physical performed by our school physician, please send in or email a request to schedule the exam at school.

12th grade meningitis vaccine requirement - All 12th grade students are required to have proof of having had the 2nd meningococcal vaccine. Please send in proof of vaccine to the school nurse. If documentation is not provided by November 6th, your student will be excluded from school until such documentation is sent in.

Emergency Information Card: It is important that your child have up to date emergency information for the health and safety of the student. Please provide the school with any changes that we should be made aware of in case of an emergency. All students were given the emergency information form the first week of school, please provide your child with any changes you feel we should be made aware of by the first day of school in September. Also, if you have moved or changed any emergency information over the course of the school year, please notify your child's grade level office of the change/changes.

SDHT COVID-19 Data Chart- Weekly Number of In-School Positive Cases by Building 

What students/staff members are included in a school building’s rolling 14-day period?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) case definition for COVID-19 includes both confirmed and probable cases. Therefore, the case count for a school building would include any individual (students or staff) with a confirmed or probable case of COVID-19 who was physically present in the school setting while infectious, including but not limited to, instruction, work, sports, or extracurricular activities.  

Pennsylvania Department of Education FAQ (NEW: Answers to Frequently Asked Questions)

If you have any questions regarding COVID symptoms, please call your regular health care provider.

Thank you!