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Attendance Ext. 2001

Nurse Ext. 2471

Food Service Ext. 2010

High School Administration
Phone: 610.853.5900
Mr. Pete Donaghy, Principal Ext. 2511
Sec. Ms. Christine McCormick Ext. 2510

9th and 10th Grade Office
Ms. Natalya Adelizzi, Assistant Principal Ext. 2521
Mr. John Berardoni, Assistant Principal  Ext. 2541
Sec. Ms. Nicole Natale Ext. 2540

11th and 12th Grade Office
Dr. Gary Moyer (11), Assistant Principal Ext. 2531
Dr. Steve Quinn (12), Assistant Principal Ext. 2551
Sec. Ms. Karyn Smyth  Ext. 2530


Athletic Director
Ms. Joanne Patterson Ext. 2561
Sec. Ms. Patti D'Orazio Ext. 2550, 2560
Coordinator of Technology Services
Ms. Joanne M. Hayes Ext. 2090