Guitar Lab

Haverford Offers a NEW Guitar Lab Course (click on link for photos)

Taught by Mr. Michael Fein in the HHS Music Lab (Rm. 102), Haverford’s new Guitar Lab course offers another on-ramp for students interested in learning more about music and, specifically, how to play guitar.  No prior music experience is required to take this course and all materials are provided.  The goal of the course is to teach music fundamentals along with guitar performance giving students the skills needed for a lifetime of enjoying and making music.

Every student in the class works with an electric guitar plugged into a Mac computer running GarageBand.  Mr. Fein provides practice tracks with an adjustable tempo so students can practice at their own pace.  Throughout the course students learn how to play chord progressions to traditional and popular tunes including Bad Moon Rising (Creedence Clearwater Revival), Three Little Birds (Bob Marley), House of the Rising Sun (The Animals), Down by the Riverside (Traditional), Sweet Home Chicago (Robert Johnson), Hotel California (The Eagles), and Let It Be (The Beatles).  Students also learn how to read traditional music notation and perform classic melodies such as Ode to Joy, Aura Lee, Joshua, and Amazing Grace.  Students record themselves performing a chord progression and melody taught in each of the course units and submit the recordings to Mr. Fein using Google Classroom for comments and assessment. 

This course fits into a sequence of other music technology electives taught in the HHS Music Lab.  Students who enjoy guitar lab are encouraged to continue through the “Musicianship” series of electives (Piano Lab, Beginning Music Theory, and Advanced Music theory) or “Music Production” electives (Digital Recording 1 and 2).

For more information on Guitar Lab and the other music technology electives offered at HHS visit or email Mr. Fein (