Student Shadow

Student Shadow Program Information

Students from other schools:  Visitors to the high school are subject to restrictions that include:  only students who are considering attending Haverford High School and have received prior written permission may have a host to escort them during their stay; These students must first have permission from their own school in writing and must then request permission in writing from the principal;  No one can be admitted without this clearance which must be obtained at least 24 hours in advance

To all visiting students the following is required at least 24 hours prior to your intended visit:

  1. Host’s name (if you do not have someone in mind, please contact Mrs. McCormick to find you a student chaperone)
  2. Please fill out this form and return it to Mrs. McCormick in the Principal’s office
  3. You must have permission from your school either:
    1. Written note submitted to Mrs. McCormick
    2. Email Mrs. McCormick from school administrator

Haverford High School Student:

Prior to hosting a student visitor, you need parental permission.  Please return this form to Mrs. McCormick in the principal’s office. 

Please NOTE: Shadowing is for the purpose of a prospective student to get a feel for a typical day at Haverford High School. We will not be accepting student shadows the week prior to school vacations (including but not limited to Thanksgiving, Winter, and Spring Break) for many times they do not adequately represent a normal school day. Thank you for your understanding.