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Directions for attending a college representative visit at HHS

1. Student must sign up in Naviance 24 hours prior to the visit.

      a.    Log in to Naviance.

      b.    Click on more info/register on the Home page.

      c.     Click on sign up (located to the left of the college name).

      d.    Click on sign me up.

2. Student must complete a College Representative Visit Pass with teacher signature 24 hours prior to the visit and bring it with them to the visit. A College Representative Visit Pass can also be found in the Counseling Office.

3. Student can attend a maximum of seven college representative visits.

4. Please note that Naviance will not allow you, the student, to sign up less than 24 hours prior to the visit.


The College Application Process and Naviance (September 2019)

Considerations for Writing your College Applications Essays (June 2019)