Haverford High School has selected Naviance to assist our students in post-high school planning, managing their career planning, and navigating the college application process.  Family Connection is a comprehensive website that students and parents can use as a tool in post-high planning and to identify their interests and research careers.

We are pleased to make this new resource available to all of our students and families, as a complement to the series of individual appointments, college-related speakers, student information seminars we offer throughout  the freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior years.

While we anticipate heaviest usage among our juniors and seniors, many of our freshman and sophomore students and their parents will find this tool to be helpful in long-term planning and can use the “Careers” link as an opportunity to explore their interests, as well as potential careers.

Other resources provided by Family Connection are the links to useful websites relating to college information, financial aid, test preparation, NCAA eligibility, etc.

These are just a few of the tools that students and families can access through Naviance.  We encourage our students to utilize this website throughout their high school years.

A few of the post-high school planning tools include:

College Search: This research tool provides comprehensive information on thousands of colleges.  In addition to admissions information you can access data on academics, cost and financial aid, student body characteristics, extracurricular and athletic programs.  A link to each college’s website is provided. 

For colleges to which HHS students applied during 2010-2011. The “scattergram” presents a graphical view of application outcomes [accepted, denied, waitlisted] for recent applicants, using GPA and SAT scores.  Students can gauge their chances of acceptance by comparing personal GPA/SAT statistics with those of successful applicants.

College Application Process:

In your personal accounts, Family Connection allows you to organize personal data, lay out a game plan, maintain a list of prospective colleges, and track the application process.

Important information from the Counseling Office and from your personal counselor will periodically be posted, such as directions about Letters of Recommendation, the HHS college application process and/or special events.

Visit Schedule:

As college representatives schedule information sessions at HHS, they are posted online. Click on Visit Schedule or view the page for a particular college to see whether a session is scheduled. Directions are posted to inform students what they need to do to sign up and obtain a signed pass to attend.

Some of the career features include:

Career Interest Profiler:

This is a tool that can help you discover the types of work activities and careers that match your interests.  The interest profiler has 180 questions about work activities related to a variety of different careers.

Personality Type Assessment:

The Do What You Are® Self Discovery Personality Type assessment will generate a report that will provide you with important information about your personal characteristics. You will learn about careers that are matched to you, your personal strengths, how you negotiate in your daily life, and a host of other useful information.

The Cluster Finder :

The Cluster Finder will help you learn what career clusters may be a good match for you based on activities that interest you, personal qualities that you have, and subjects that you enjoy studying in school.

How to access this resource:

Log in at the website:


All Haverford students and their parents may log in on individual accounts, where they will have access to personal academic information [GPA, SAT scores.] Each student has been provided an ID and password to log in to the website.  If you did not receive an ID or password, your student can contact their advisory teacher for this information.