Student Assistance Program

Student Assistance Program (SAP) is a statewide program, administered by the Department of Education, which is designed to assist school personnel in identifying issues which pose a barrier to a student’s learning and school success. These issues may be related to mental health, substance use, family stress, eating disorders, or other behavioral concerns.  

The SAP team consists of teachers, aides, counselors, administrators, the school social worker, the school nurse, and behavioral health consultants.  All members of the team have been trained to identify barriers to school success and mobilize school resources to remove these barriers.  

When the problem is beyond the scope of the school, SAP assists the parent and the student with information so that they may access services in the community.  SAP does not diagnose or treat; SAP does identify, support, and refer for further assessment.

The purpose of this program is:

 1. To identify students who are having difficulty being successful in school.

Anyone who is concerned about a student can make a referral to SAP. This could be another student, parent or staff member.

 2. To create a collaboration between parents and the school to determine an action plan.

SAP recognizes that parents are valuable partners to the team. Before any interventions with your child, your permission and participation will be requested.

 3. To provide consultation and referrals to resources when needed.

Consultation services from teachers, counselors, school psychologists and social workers are available for parents. Assessment and referral services are available through a Holcomb Behavioral Health Systems consultant.


If you are a teacher, student, or community member who would like to refer a student to the SAP Team, please click the link to complete the referral:  

SAP Confidential Referral