Course Selection Process

Course Selection Process

Students, their parents, counselors, and teachers should all be involved in the course selection process. Ultimately, it is each student's responsibility to choose those courses which will best meet his or her own needs and interests. The choice should be a well-informed one, based on knowledge of the requirements for entrance into various occupations, colleges or technical schools. An ideal schedule should challenge but not overwhelm students leading them toward some occupational or educational goal. A careful reading of this guide is a good starting point. Further research and consultation with counselors, teachers, and other knowledgeable people may be necessary before students and their parents can make wise decisions. To choose a program which will interest you and fulfill your personal and academic needs, follow these steps.

  • Become familiar with the requirements of the occupation, technical school, or college in which you are interested.
  • Become familiar with requirements for graduation from Haverford High School.
  • Listen and ask questions a your teachers discuss course selection in class.
  • See your school counselor if you need help. The choice of a proper schedule of studies lies with you and your parents.

Course Selection Resources

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