Student Publications



Underclassmen Yearbook Orders/Senior Ads or Business Ad

How to Order (Freshman, Sophomores and Juniors only)

How to Order a SENIOR Ad or Business Ad:

  1. Log onto

  2. School code: 4592

  3. Select “Buy a Yearbook, Yearbook Packages and other cool stuff”

  4. Select the quantity of books you want

  5. Click to enter a student  

  6. Fill out student information and Add Student Name

  7. Click “Checkout” and fill out payment information

  • Log onto

  • Enter School Code: 4592

  • Click Buy a Yearbook Ad

  • Click  to Enter Your Senior’s Name or Enter a Business (if purchasing a business ad)

  • Click “Ad Type Selection”

  • Choose to make your own or have our staff make it for you (email if you'd like to choose to have us make it for you!)

  • Checkout