Starting a Club?

Haverford offers a variety of clubs and activities. If you cannot find the club for you, schedule a meeting with your guidance counselor or the Director of Activities, Mr. Berardoni. We are here to help you get involved.  

Do you have a great idea for a new club or activity? Start your own! 

Steps to starting your own club! 

1. Have an idea!

2. Schedule a meeting with Mr. Berardoni, the Director of Activities, to talk about your idea.

3. Find some responsible and interested classmates. It takes a lot of effort to start and run a club.

4. Find a teacher willing to sponsor and advise the club. Your club sponsor is a crucial mentor in the process of starting and running the club.

5. Complete the paperwork! See the Secretary for the Activities Director. This paperwork will require signatures from the Sponsor as well as 50 Haverford Students.

6. Meet, again, with the Director of Activities with all of your completed paperwork. Be prepared to talk about your club’s purpose, goals as well as proposed meeting times and locations.