Department Staff

Music Department Staff:

Judy Kang: High School Strings; Middle School Strings and Classroom Music (610-853-5900 ext. 2103)

Kelsey Hendler: High School Choral/Classroom Music; Middle School Classroom Music (610-853-5900 ext. 2104) Tri-M Music Honor Society, Chapter 2479 Sponsor

Mike Fein: Music Department Co-Chair, High School Music Technology and Jazz Ensemble (610-853-5900 ext. 2102)

Elizabeth Marino: Director, High School Bands and Lab Band, Middle School Band Assistant/Middle School Classroom Music (610-853-5900 ext. 2101) 

Alex Gittelman: Middle School Bands, Jazz Ensemble, Brass Ensemble, Percussion Ensemble, Woodwind Ensemble, Middle School Classroom Music (610-853-5900 ext. 5141)

Jacqueline Langley: Middle School Choral Music (610-853-5900 ext. 5242)

David Fernandes: Middle School Classroom Music/Choral Music (610-853-5900 ext. 5101)

ShelleyAnn Greenberg: Elementary Instrumental Instructor (610-853-5900)

Sonya Genstein: Chatham Park Elementary Classroom/Choral Music (610-853-5900 ext. 1222)

Julie Reyes: Music Department Co-Chair, Lynnewood Elementary Classroom/Choral Music (610-853-5900 ext. 4116). 

Drew Shanefield: Elementary Instrumental Music (610-853-5900 ext. 6721)

Jennifer Sheridan: Coopertown Elementary Classroom/Choral Music (610-853-5900 ext. 3128)

Quinton Herriot: Manoa Elementary Classroom/Choral Music (610-853-5900 ext. 6147)

Laura Esposto: Chestnutwold Elementary Classroom/Choral Music (610-853-5900 ext. 8120)