Principal Monday Message

Hello Coopertown Families, today is March 31st, this is Ms. Mastrocola and this is your Monday Message.


This Thursday, April 2nd is Autism Awareness Day.  We want to make our Havertown Community aware by wearing Blue.   Blue is the official color of autism awareness. We will continue to wear Blue Every Thursday this month.  Please send us pictures of you and your family wearing blue so we can decorate our Coopertown Website with your support.  We will be having a special event on the last day of the month…..stay tuned…


We would like to direct your attention to the Coopertown Website-  our very active and caring Student Council made a video that they would like every Coopertown Student to see.  Many thanks to Rose, Eli, Chase, Maddie, Chace, Will, JR, Christian and Carina for putting this together virtually!


Families, please know that we have agreed our website is the best way to keep posting pictures of our great Coopertown community.  I have asked teachers to share the pictures you have sent to them in the past weeks to start this process. If you share a picture and don’t want it potentially shared on the website- just let your teacher know.  And thank you!


Unfortunately, our Family Festival will have to be canceled.  We will hold one early next year so if you and your family thought of a good idea (or maybe these weeks are a good time to pick an idea!) hold onto it for an early Festival in fall of 2020.


New lessons were created and shared with your students today.  We know it is a lot to sign in, organize the work, share computers and even just to get going.  It’s ok. Take it one day at a time. Some days might go well and other days, not much will be accomplished.  We get it. We’re living it in our homes as well. Just do the best you can! Reach out if you need help!


We miss you Coopertown.  We had a virtual Faculty Meeting today and it reminded us all of how much we love working together and teaching all of you! 


Please take the advice of social distancing seriously.  We want all of you and your families to stay well. Thanks again to all of you working in the medical field and in essential businesses.  We appreciate you more each day.


Good night, Coopertown!  Hope you are enjoying a nice family dinner together.