Principal Monday Message

Hello Coopertown Families.

Today is June 14th, this is Ms. Mastrocola and this is our Monday Message. Our last Monday message for the 20-21 school year- hard to believe!

Let me first make some requests:

Calling all library books!  We are still searching for 40 some books that are out there somewhere!  Keep looking!  And thank you!

Medication pick up will happen on Wednesday for K and 1-4 on Thursday. You will be asked to pull up past Mr. Saunders to collect your medications from our nursing staff. Thank you!

Lost and Found has accumulated a lot of items in the past month!  Email your teacher if you believe your child has lost something.  They’ll be sure to send your child to the cafeteria to claim it this week.  All of these items will be donated to a local charity at the end of the month.

If you happen to know that you are moving or changing schools this summer, please email our building secretary, Carole Loro at  This is crucial to our planning for next year.

Please make sure your child  has brought home all important items by Wednesday. Email your homeroom teacher Thursday morning if you believe they left something in the building.  We are starting work on the building on June 21st- so it will be difficult to access certain rooms.

We will be dismissing 1-4 walkers and car-riders at 11:40. We ask that you promptly leave the area around the black top because our 5th graders are having their Moving Up Ceremony on Thursday in the gym and will dismiss at 11:50.  

To our Haverford Online students- we hope you are enjoying your last week and we look forward to seeing you back in the building next year or supporting you in your decision for next year.

Thank you for a historical year, Coopertown!  We couldn’t have done it without your support and flexibility.  Happy to have this year almost in the books!