Welcome to Chestnutwold Elementary School!

It is with great pride and much excitement that I welcome you to the Chestnutwold School Community!  

I am humbled to have the privilege of being the Principal of Chestnutwold and to be part of this warm and hardworking school community. The families in our community have chosen us to be part of their child’s life in one of the most important decisions a parent can make about the development of their child. Our teachers and faculty, in return, strive to earn the trust and belief of our community every day through our diligence, dedication, and compassionate for our students’ growth and development as people who will be expected to participate in and contribute to the 21st Century workforce and society.

Chestnutwold School re-opened its doors to the students of Haverford Township in the fall of 2006, after closing in 1985. We are a school anchored in tradition but have re-established ourselves as a generation of learners with an eye to the future. Our accomplishments are meaningful and numerous, and we are proud of each one, but we are driven by our forward-looking vision:

In our workplace, we are expected to be continuous learners who challenge existing systems and protocols in innovative ways that add value to the organization and the lives of those we serve (in responsible and compassionate ways). We expect that each person is prepared and holds him/herself accountable for taking advantage of opportunities that maximize his/her strengths. The value in our organization is defined as growth and achievement in scholastics and well-being and is best improved when we conflate the knowledge and efforts of the whole in the interest of solving problems for our organization. We enjoy the rewards of our work in fun-loving ways and hold ourselves, and those around us, responsible to uphold our mission.

Our families, students, and teachers are reassured each day that they are part of a special place, Chestnutwold. Each student receives the attention he or she needs to learn and develop in ways specific to his/her interests or background. Chestnutwold is a great place thanks to all that each person in our school community does, and I am grateful to be part of it.

On behalf of the Staff, Students, and Families welcome to Chestnutwold School!

Joel DiBartolomeo, Principal