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Chatham Park News

Positive Principal Referral

We are proud to make time to celebrate our children at Chatham Park with a Positive Principal Referral. Thank you for making our school a more positive place.

Congratulations 5th Grade Bucket Fillers!

Bucket fillers are those who help without being asked, give kindness and compliments, and generally spread love and good feelings to others.  Bucket filling is a common act in our school and one that does not go unrecognized. When a student exemplifies these behaviors they are considered future “Bucket Fillers of the Week.”

Floor Hockey is Season is Here!

The Chatham Park floor hockey season is about to begin for 4th and 5th grade students. This program is intended to be a fun, recreational activity. If your child is interested in participating, please complete the online registration and return the signed permission slip.

Student's Artwork Was On Display at The University of The Arts

Chatham Park Elementary School was honored to have our students' art work as part of our University of Arts Student Teacher's Art Show. Mr. Alejandro Camacho was our guest as a student teacher with Mrs. Ellen Cohan. It was a wonderful experience having Mr. Camacho as a student teacher here at Chatham Park!