Chatham Park News

Chipotle Fundraiser

 This time of year is always so busy so why not take the night off from cooking with dinner from Chipotle.  On Wednesday, June 7 from 4-8pm Chipotle in Havertown will give 33% of all sales both in store and online pickup back to Chatham Park’s End Hunger Service Project.    All you have to do is show the attached flyer (printed or on your phone) or use the special online code (AXFEEHC). See the attached flyer and online order directions for more information.

SchoolPass Absence Reporting

The District is excited to announce the implementation of School Pass, an attendance system that will assist our school staff with tracking absences. SchoolPass provides parents/guardians the ability to make attendance changes for their student(s) with the click of a button, without having to call or email the office. 

5th Grade Bucket Fillers

Bucket fillers are those who help without being asked, give kindness and compliments, and generally spread love and good feelings to others.  Bucket filling is a common act in our school and one that does not go unrecognized. When a student exemplifies these behaviors they are considered future “Bucket Fillers.”

The Counselors' Connection

Our school counselors are an integral part of the educational process. They work in partnership with teachers and families to help students explore their abilities, strengths, interests, and talents to achieve school success and plan for a career.