Chatham Park News

Halloween 2020

Chatham Park Cohorts A & B enjoyed dressing up for Halloween!

Mrs. Cohan's Hybrid Art Class

Week B, Week C & Week D Hybrid Art Videos

Piet Mondrian, an Abstract Dutch Artist
1st & 2nd Grade: Windsocks and Street Scene with Vehicle
3rd Grade: Cubes and Collages
4th &5th Grade: 3D Pop Ups and Collages

Positive Principal Referral

We are proud to make time to celebrate our children at Chatham Park with a Positive Principal Referral. Thank you for making our school a more positive place.

Congratulations 5th Grade Bucket Fillers!

Bucket fillers are those who help without being asked, give kindness and compliments, and generally spread love and good feelings to others.  Bucket filling is a common act in our school and one that does not go unrecognized. When a student exemplifies these behaviors they are considered future “Bucket Fillers of the Week.”