Dr. Reusche  
    Dr. Maureen Reusche, Superintendent of the School District of Haverford Township

    Dear Haverford Families, 
    June 8, 2017 was a joyful evening as we celebrated the graduation of 450 members of the Haverford High School class of 2017!  We wish them all the best in their future endeavors.

    The 2016-2017 school year was one filled with accomplishments in academics, athletics, music and the arts for our district.  Hopefully you follow us on Twitter and you’ve been kept aware of the many accomplishments throughout the year.
    Our students and staff continue to exceed expectations and contribute significantly to fine reputation held by the schools and the community.

    The notoriety of an award or special recognition does not always accompany the accomplishments yet they are contributions where connections are formed and an impact is made.  There are a multitude of examples of these interactions which take place all across our district:
    • High School AP Spanish students teaching elementary students Spanish language skills after school.

    • Our Middle School students working with Kindergarten & 1st grade students reading and writing their own books.

    • Members of our Technology Department and Transportation Department along with our High School Robotics team participating in STEAM day activities at several of our Elementary Schools.

    • Our HS student athletes mentoring younger athletes teaching them valuable team building skills.

    • Dedicated PTOs at all of our schools organize, coordinate and staff an incredible amount of assembly programs, fairs, and family activities. And this list could go on and on.

    All of the above is possible because of the sincere sense of community evident across our schools and throughout our township.  Thank you for your dedication to our schools and the value you place upon supporting and taking an active part in our work.  Together we are making a difference.

    This summer I hope you take the time to connect with things that bring you and your family joy. Maybe it is with a good book, spending time with family and friends, enjoying a hobby or starting a new project. Whatever that joyful experience is cherish time together as a family.

    Maureen Reusche, Ed.D.
    Superintendent of Schools 
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    Dr. Reusch EOY 2016-17 Video Message