Name: Cara Runk   
    Grade(s): 11th and 12th
    Subject(s): AP Statistics, Academic Statistics, Honors Statistics
    Email: crunk@haverfordsd.net
    Phone: (610)853-5900 Ext 2799
    Homeroom Number: 356
    Welcome to my Homepage!  Please check Assignments under the appropriate class for a list of all Classwork and Homework Assignments for each day.  I will have links to some handouts distributed in class and videos.   I am available most days after school until 3:30 for extra help.

    Biography: I graduated from Haverford High School and then went on to study Mathematics at Pennsylvania State University. I earned a Bachelor's of Science in Mathematics, with a teaching option from Penn State and then was hired to teach statistics in 1996 at my alma mater.  Ultimately, I received my Masters in Education from Cabrini College and continue to develop the statistics courses here at the high school. 
    2018-19 Schedule
     Semester One                                             Semester Two
    Block 1:  AP Stat                               Block 1: AP Stat
    Block 2:  Honors Stat                        Block 2: Honors Stat
    Block 3:  Prep                                   Block 3: Prep
    Block 4:  AP Stat                               Block 4:  Honors Stat