Ms. Talkin
    Name: Ms. Samara Talkin
    Rooms: 120, HHS Art Wing; 138 Art Lab 
    Grades: 9-12
    Subjects: Art 2, Fashion Design, Digital Photography, Computer Animation, Ceramics, Sculpture
    Clubs: Art Club, Fashion Club, Origami Club
    Email: stalkin@haverfordsd.net
    Phone: 610-853-5940 x2807 (voicemail)

    BA Fine Art, Rutgers College '93
    MEd Education, Art, Tyler School of Art '11
    PA, NJ Teacher Certification K-12 Art
    Hello! I'm a painter, but teaching art allows me to use many other media as I work along with my students. Please stop by Art Lab 138 or Room 120 for a visit to see what we do. Even if you can't fit an art class into your schedule, come to Art Club! On Tuesdays we meet after school to make art and craft projects for fun with other interesting people. For those interested in talking about, making, and marketing wearables, Fashion Club meets on Tuesdays also, and all are welcome!