•  Chemistry ROCKS!
    Name: Mrs. Pompetti  
    Subject(s): Chemistry
         Forensic Chemistry
    Email: cpompetti@haverfordsd.net
    Phone: 610-853-5900 x2793
    Homeroom Number: 359
    Dear Students and Guardians,
    Happy Fall!!! Plans for the week are posted on this website and students are responsible for completing all work as it is assigned.  Students will also be logging in to Canvas to find assignments, worksheets, and video links.  My email will be checked at least once each day to answer any questions that you may have and I look forward to all communications with you.   Have a fabulous week! 
    Colleen Pompetti 
     See course information on Canvas!
    Students will need the following supplies for the Fall 2018 semester:
    Three ring binder with loose leaf paper
    Chromebook or other computer 
    scientific calculator 
    #2 pencils
    colored pencils