• Haverford High School Clubs/Activities


    African Americans Cultural Enrichment

    To discuss and learn about historical and current issues impacting the African American community. In addition AACE exposes students to volunteer opportunities and college preparation.

    Sponsor: Mr. Leon Smith

    Email: lsmith@havsd.net


    Alex's Lemonade Stand

    Work as a club to fundraise for Alex's Lemonade Stand.

    Sponsor: Ms. Karen Laskaris

    Email: klaskaris@havsd.net


    Anime Club

    Read, watch and discuss Anime. 

    Sponsor: Ms. Sarah Crispin

    Email: scrispin@havsd.net


    Art Club

    An opportunity to create unique art projects outside of class.


    The Art Club will meet on Tuesdays at 2:30pm in Room 120 & 122.  All Are welcome! 

    Sponsors: Ms. Samara Talkin/Ms. Jill Marshall

    Email: stalkin@havsd.net/jmarshall@havsd.net


    Art4Alzheimer's Club

    To raise awareness and money for the Alzheimer's Association.

    Sponsor: Ms. Apri Forgeng

    Email: aforgeng@havsd.net


    Asian Cultural Exchange Club 

    Learn about the diversity of Asian cultures. Students enjoy the opportunity to practice their native language, cook a variety of foods and learn about the customs and traditions of Asian cultures.

    Sponsor: Mrs. Kim Dzielak

    Email: kdiezlak@havsd.net



    Is an environmental awareness club that reaches out to high school kids to work towards a more sustainable planet. All high school grades are invited to join and participate in the club. Each year, members have the opportunity to compete in the Pennsylvania Envirothon, a team competition testing different high schools on our local environment. Our activities include maintaining our high school’s native garden, cutting electricity bills, and selling organic goods.

    Sponsor: Ms. Rebecca Mortland

    Email: mortland@havsd.net


    Best Buddies

    The mission of Best Buddies is to establish a global volunteer movement that creates opportunities for one to one friendships. Integrated employment and leaderrship development for people with intellectual and developmental disabilties

    Sponsors: Ms. Michelle Lynn/Ms. Margaret DiFrancesco

    Email:  mlynn@havsd.net/difrancesco@havsd.net


    Bowling Club

    Meet weekly to bowl and have fun. A small fee does apply.

    Sponsor: Mr. Jeff Kaufman/Ms. JoEllen Keating

    Email: jkaufman@havsd.net/keating@havsd.net


    Build On

    To contribute intensive local service – helping children, seniors and the homeless in our communities – to confront urban struggles with passion and optimism.

    Sponsor: Ms. Lauren Pellicane/Mr. Christopher Walters

    Email: pellicane@havsd.net/cwalter@havsd.net


    Chess Club

    The Chess Club is open to all students of all ability levels fom grades 9-12. No experience is neccesary--you may come to learn the game or sharpen your skills. Chess Club is a member of the Main Line High School Chess League and our top boards complete against other schools in this league.

    Sponsor: Mr. Keith MacConnell

    Email: kmacconnell@havsd.net


    Chinese Club

    An introduction to the Chinese language.

    Sponsor: Ms. Huang



    Class Officers

    Each class elects 5-7 class officers. Class Officers are responsible for fundrasing, dances, proms, homecoming and organizing other school wide events.


    Color Guard/Drill Team

    Raise money and learn skills to prepare for the upcoming seasons.

    Sponsor: Andrews/Crivaro



    Competition Marching Band 

    Compete alongside the Color Guard against other local high schools.

    Sponsor: Mr. Jeffery Hart

    Email: jhart@havsd.net


    Concert Chorale 

    Haverford's premier chorus. 

    Sponsor: Ms. Marsha Core

    Email: core@havsd.net


    Cooking for a Cause

    Prepare meals to be delivered to local homeless shelters.

    Sponsor: Ms. Madonna McMahon

    Email: mmcmahon@havsd.net


    Dance Team

    Work with other students on choreographing dances for homecoming and other sporting events. 

    Sponsor: Ms. Jessica Borck-Hadley

    Email: jborckhadley@havsd.net


    Drama/All School Show 

    Participate in all aspects of theatre, from on stage performance to the behind the scences work.

    Sponsor: Ms. Susan Milliken

    Email: smilliken@havsd.net


    Economics Club

    Discuss economics and take part in a real life stock market game.

    Sponsor: Mr. Taraborelli

    Email: taraborelli@havsd.net


    Fashion Club

    Groups meets to talk about fashion and trends. Students will design and create fashion pieces

    Sponsor: Ms. Samara Talkin

    Email: stalkin@havsd.net


    Fitness Center

    Meets Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 2:30-4:00. Get your sweat on!!

    Sponsor: Mr. Detweiler

    Email: detweiler@havsd.net



    Haverford's student run newpaper. Publish news and feature stories, editorials and opinions relevant to the Haverford community while upholding the highest professional and ethical standards.

    Sponsor: Ms. Sarah Crispin

    Email: scrispin@havsd.net


    Fords Fans Club

    Join the crowd and cheer! Students attend all Haverford events to support their classmates. Themed games and events! 

    Sponsor: Mr. Perez

    Email: mperez@havsd.net


    French Travel Club

    Discuss and learn about French Culture. Make Crepes and meet friends.

    Sponsor: Ms. Nicole Braun

    Email: nbraun@havsd.net


    Future Business Leaders of America

    An educational association of students preparing for careers in business or business related fields. FBLA helps develop student leadership abilities, strengthen their confidence and encourage positive character development. Students attend conferences, present and compete in buisness realted events. Students also participate in community service.


    FBLA's first meeting will be right after school on Mon., Sept. 13 in Room 250

    Sponsor: Ms. Jessica Mini

    Email: jmini@havsd.net


    Future Teachers of America

    Gives students who are interested in pursuing a career in education an opportunity to learn about the issues impacting education, shadow a district teacher and learn more about the various responsibilities of teachers.




    Gay/Straight Alliance

    An environment where students of all sexual orientations are welcome and can feel comfortable and safe.

    Sponsor:  Ms. Jennifer Stadnicki

    Email: stadnicki@havsd.net


    Girls Can

    Focus and learn about women's leadership.

    Sponsor: Ms. Laurie Grady

    Email: lgrady@havsd.net



    Haverford's yearbook. Work as a team on photography, organization, business skills, writing and more. 

    Sponsor: Ms. Elyse Barrett

    Email: ebarrett@havsd.net


    Guitar and Songwriting Club


    Sponsor: Mr. Ian Althouse

    Email: ialthouse@havsd.net



    Haverford's student run TV Station. Experience production, management and film editing.

    Sponsor: Ms. Elyse Barrett/Ms.Sarah Crispin

    Email: ebarrett@havsd.net/scrispin@havsd.net


    Haverford Science Academy

    Share your love of science with others who love science! 

    Sponsor: Dr. Jeremy Tomaszewski

    Email: jtomaszewski@havsd.net


    Haverford's Finest Talent Show

    A competition to show off your talents in the quest to become Mr. Haverford while raising money for your class and great causes. 





    Inter-Scholastic trivia competition.

    Sponsor: Mr. Dave McCauley

    Email: mccauley@havsd.net


    Interact Club

    Community Service Club. Members participate in activities and fundraisers that benefit the school and surrounding community.

    Sponsor:  Ms. Sarah Davit

    Email: davit@havsd.net


    Italian Club

    All things Italian! Culture, Food and Language. 

    Sponsor: Mr. Riccardo Latrano

    Email: latrano@havsd.net


    Jazz Band


    Sponsor: Mr. Michael Fein

    Email: fein@havsd.net

    Math League Competition

    Monthly math competition where students compete against each other and other schools.

    Sponsor: Mr. Jeffrey Jackson

    Email: jackson@havsd.net


    Medical Professionals of Tomorrow

    Club aims to education the current and future student body in medical topics  that they will be exposed to in everday society. Any student interested in medicine or a profession within the medical field should join. 

    Sponsor: Ms. Megan Marshall

    Email: mmarshall@havsd.net


    Medical Professionals of Tomorrow

    Any kids who are interested in the field of medicine should join this exciting club. Whether you are interested in nursing, pediatrics or surgery, this is the club for you.

    Sponsor: Ms. Megan Marshall

    Email: mmarshall@havsd.net


    Model U.N.

    Learn about the UN and international relations as we prepare for a 4 day trip to the Philadelphia Model UN in Philadelphia.

    Sponsor: Ms. Jennifer Borck-Hadley

    Email: jborckhadley@havsd.net


    Movie Club


    Sponsor: Ms. Kirsten Montgomery

    Email:  kmontgomery@havsd.net


    Mu Alpha Theta (Mathematics Honor Society)

    Meet weekly to explore mathematics in a more in depth fashion. Compete in a variety of mathematical challenges.

    Sponsor: Mr. Jeffrey Jackson

    Email: jjackson@havsd.net


    Music Club

    Meet to discuss and listen to a wide variety of music.




    National Artist Honor Society

    Membership extended after completion of:

    Sponsor: Ms. Samara Talkin/Ms. Jill Marshall

    Email: stalkin@havsd.net/jmarshall@havsd.net


    National Honor Society

    Nationally affiliated organization for students who meet certain academic, service and leadership requirements.

    Sponsor: Ms. Devona Jackson/Mr. Michael Weinstock

    Email: djackson@havsd.net/mweinstock@haverfordsd.net


    No Place for Hate Club

    No Place For Hate is a club that provides a safe environment for all members to come and share ideas  related to tolerance and acceptance of all people, regardless of race, religion, sexuality, intelligence, etc. Our club meets weekly and works to bring all students of Haverford together through activities like Open Mic  Night, the exchange of candygrams, and gatherings like potluck dinners to share and explore the diversity present in our school. We welcome all interested students and look forward to more conversations and activities that promote understanding and acceptance of everyone.

    Sponsor: Ms. April Forgeng/Ms. Tess Hartman

    Email: aforgeng@havsd.net/hartman@havsd.net



    Perform standard orchestral repertoire.

    Sponsor: Mr. Joseph Brennan

    Email: brennan@havsd.net


    Outdoors Club

    Learn a variety of outdoor skills: Knot tying, environmental conservation, fly tying, hiking and fishing.

    Sponsor: Mr. Matthew Marran

    Email: mmarran@havsd.net


    Paws for a Cause

    Raise funds to give animal shelters and provide community service opportunities at local shelters.

    Sponsor: Mr. Michael Armine

    Email: armine@havsd.net


    Pen and Ink

    Haverford High School's literary magazine. A book that is full of poetry, short stories, artwork, and photography from the student body.  A creative outlet for students to express themselves. The staff meets primarily in the spring to sort through the submissions, design the cover, and work with editing and typing the book. All students from every grade level are welcome to join.

    Sponsor: Ms. Suzanne Rudolph

    Email: srudolph@havsd.net


    Philosophy Club

    A group that discusses the big questions of life: truth and justice; good and evil in the world; the essence of human nature, faith and society. Students meet once a month to express their opinions in a forum where these opinions and discussions are encouraged. Meetings last for close to an hour. Two leaders are selected within the group, who agree to create the topic of discussions each month.

    Sponsor: Ms. Suzanne Rudolph

    Email: srudolph@havsd.net


    Photography Club

    Meet to discuss photography, take pictures and evaluate work.

    Sponsor: Ms. Sarah Colby

    Email: scolby@havsd.net


    Ping Pong Club and Gaming Club

    Open to all students at every level of ping pong ability. You can even join in Magic or Dungeons and Dragons!

    Sponsor: Ms. Jessica Margelot

    Email: jmargelot@havsd.net


    Pokemon Club

    Play Pokemon and discuss strategy. Hang out with other people who appreciate the game of Pokemon.

    Sponsor: Ms. Elyse Barrett

    Email: ebarratt@havsd.net


    Prayer Group

    Students meet for student-led prayer for themselves, their friends and the Haverford community

    Sponsor: Ms. Rebecca Mortland

    Email: mortland@havsd.net


    Red and Gold

    This is a year-long school spirit competition that will conclude in a "field day" type event during the evening.  At this event, teams will face off in battles including an obstacle course, tug-of war, dance competition, glee competition, relay races, and so many more!!!  For more information, see your team general.  

    Sponsor: Ms. Jenna Oleykowski/Ms. Laurie Grady

    Email: oleykowski@havsd.net/grady@havsd.net


    Red Cross Club

    Red Cross Club has partnered with the American Red Cross to educate Haverford High School about disaster preparedness and help out our community. Club members participate in various fundraising and volunteer efforts alongside their friends and have the opportunity to become CPR certified. We're thrilled with the success of our first year and we look forward to many more years of carrying out the Red Cross Mission.

    Sponsor: Mrs. Jenna Oleykowski

    Email: oleykowski@havsd.net



    Haverford's robotics team, Team 484 - RoboForce, competes in FIRST Robotics competitions. Students design and build a new robot each year to compete in a new game challenge, using that robot for 5 to 7 competitions. Team members work with adult mentors on programming, fabrication, using sensors, and testing the robot before competition. The competitions are intense, loud, and lots of fun! 

    Sponsor: Mr. Benjamin Preddy

    Email: benpreddy@comcast.net


    SAAC(Student-Athlete Advisory Council)

    Student-Athlete program. The mission is to educate and prepare students for the future. SAAC promotes camaraderie within teams and athletics and participate in community service events.

    Sponsor: Ms. Lauren Pellicane/Ms. Chelsea McDaniel

    Email: pellicane@havsd.net/cmcdaniel@havsd.net



    Promote positive decision making at Haverford High School. Bring awareness to issues that are imapcting high school students. 

    Sponsor: Mr. Keith MacConnell

    Email: kmacconnell@havsd.net


    Science Olympiad

    Students work together through their interest in science to problem-solve, build and create as they prepare for competitions.

    Sponsor: Ms. Colleen Pompetti/Mr. Nicholas Bilotti

    Email: cpompetti@havsd.net/nbilotti@havsd.net


    Spanish Club

    A time for friends with a shared interest in Spanish language and culture.

    Sponsor: Ms. Megan MacConnell/Ms. Andrea Warren

    Email: MMacconnell@havsd.net/awarren@havsd.net


    Speech and Debate

    Compete against other schools while improving your public speaking skills.

    Sponsor: Ms. Elyse Barrett

    Email: ebarrett@havsd.net


    Student Senate

    Provide the school with leadership through student run evensts that benefit the Haverford community.

    Sponsor: Ms. Julie Cornett

    Email: jcornett@haverfordsd.net


    Tech Crew

    Open to all students who are interested in the technical side of theatre. Work in set design, construction, audio engineering and lighting design. 





    Watch, listen, discuss and even create your own Ted Talk!

    Sponsor: Ms. Laurie Grady

    Email: lgrady@havsd.net


    Tri M- Music Honor Society

    Membership extended for student who meet the following qualifications:

    Sponsor: Ms. Marsha Core

    Email: mcore@havsd.net


    Ultimate Frisbee

    HUDA seeks to teach the fundamentals of Ultimate to everyone who has a desire to play, to foster the love the game and build a competitive Ultimate program where our team competes at the highest level of local, state and national competition. All levels of play our welcome!

    Sponsor: Dr. Victoria Pollard

    Email: vpollard@havsd.net


    Unless Club

    This Club participates in the Philadelphia Zoo Albert M. Greenfield Unless Contest. The contest encourages schools to create a campaign that demonstrates how recycling saves energy and wildlife. Our goal is to raise awareness in the school and community. through art, media, and ourselves. Unless Club members share a passion for the environment, animals, and spreading the message of recycling throughout the community.

    Sponsor: Ms. Jenna Oleykowski

    EmIL: oleykowski@havsd.net


    Video Game Design

    Work with fellow Haverford students to create and design your own video games. 

    Sponsor: Ms. Moore

    Email: kmoore@havsd.net


    WHHS Radio Station

    Haverford's student led radio stations. Student directors coordinate and schedule student run programming.

    Sponsor: Mrs. Kim Zeoli

    Email: kzeoli@haverfordsd.net


    World Affairs Club

    A discussion forum of motivated, energetic students who consider geographic and political issues facing today's world.

    Sponsor: Ryan Caviglia

    Email: caviglia@havsd.net


    Zodiac Union

    Learn about your Zodiac Sign. Connect it your everyday life. Meet other kids who are interested in the power of the Zodiac!

    Sponsor: Ms. Grady

    Email: lgrady@havsd.net


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