• Attendance

    Absence Excuse Card

    • Are a convenient way of providing your student with an absence note
    • Are available from the attendance monitor in the main office 
    • Will be replaced by the homeroom teacher when an absence card is turned in
    • Should be shown to ALL classroom teachers after returning to school from an absence
    Good attendance is required if academic success is going to be be achieved.  Therefore, daily attendance should be the expected norm.
    Excused Absences
    An absence will be marked Excused if the absence is the result of
    • Personal Illness
    • Death in the immediate family
    • Observance of a religious holiday
    • School sponsored activity/trip
    • Out of school suspension
    • Quarantine
    Attendance Calls
    Once a student is marked absent from Advisory, parents/guardians will receive a telephone call in the evening from the attendance office confirming your student's absence.  Upon returning to school please make sure your child returns to school with a filled-out absence card, a parent note or a doctors note indicating the reason for absence.  This information must be provided to the advisory teacher or attendance office within 3 days of returning to school.
    A written explanation for a child's absence is required by the School Code of Pennsylvania. Click here for printable absence excuse card.
    In order to qualify for a pre-arranged absence the district form must be completed and submitted ten (10) days prior to the absence.  Click here for a copy of the pre-arranged absence.