HEART is the name for the Student Assistance Program in the School District of Haverford Township. The purpose of this program is:

     1. To identify students who are having difficulty being successful in school.

    Anyone who is concerned about a student can make a referral to HEART. This could be another student, parent or staff member.

     2. To create a collaboration between parents and the school to determine an action plan.

    HEART recognizes that parents are valuable partners to the team. Before any interventions with your child, your permission and participation will be requested.

     3. To provide consultation and referrals to resources when needed.

    Consultation services from teachers, counselors, school psychologists and social workers are available for parents. Assessment and referral  services are available through a Holcomb Behavioral Health Systems consultant.
    HEART offers other services to students such as:

    · Support groups

    · Someone in school who may be an additional support for your child

    What are mandatory assessments?

    · Mandatory assessments are student assessments that have been required due to a violation of the disciplinary code of the high school. They are provided free of charge to the family. The Student Assistance Consultant from Holcomb Behavioral Health Systems conducts the assessments in the high school.