• Message to the Class of 2019!

    Welcome Back to HHS!


     Dr. Quinn Skydiving

    As with most school years, this year is an important one for you. You're now upperclassmen:

    halfway to your cap and gown!!


    Many important events take place this year... just for juniors; PSATs, Junior Prom, and Keystones (click for a pep talk) just to name a few.


    If you haven't gotten involved in activities at HHS, now is a great time to do so. Join a club. Play a sport.

    Act in the musical or play. I guarantee the time you put into school will be well worth it.


    I hope you all enjoyed your summer and again, welcome back.


    Dr.Steve Quinn

    Principal, Class of 2019

    610.853.5900 Ext. 2551


    "Be the change you wish to see in the world" -- Ghandi


    "Without pressure, there would be no diamonds..." - Anon

Last Modified on October 3, 2017