• Jacky Hallam
    Name:        Jacky Hallam

    Grade(s):    10 and 12

    Subject(s): World Cultures                  World Cultures (H) AP European History

    Email:        jchardhallam@haverfordsd.net

    Phone:       610 853 5900 x2202

    Homeroom Number: 2021B

    This and that.....
    Contact Me:  Email is best.  I check it often. jchardhallam@havsd.net
    Need Help:    Before or after school works.  
                           I am in room 202 and am happy to meet you there before or after school for extra help - 
                          just let me know you are coming.
    About Me:     I was born and educated in England.  I have a BA Hons in History, a  Masters in Education
                          (specialization High School History), and a Masters in Business Admnistration (MBA).
                          I have taught in England and the USA, Social Studies and Business, to teens and adults.
                          I have worked in marketing and business development in the UK and USA.
                          I love chocolate!