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    Name: Devona Jackson
    Grade(s): 9th, 12th
    Subject(s): Western Civilization; American Government
    Phone: 610.853.5900 ext. 2210

    Words of Wisdom
    There is a difference between existence and excellence.  That difference has a name.  It's called motivation and it can last a lifetime.
     --  Author Unknown
    Haverford High School:
    I began my teaching career at Haverford High School in the fall of 1994.  Over the years, I have taught World Cultures, Famous Crime Cases, Western Civilization and American Government.  Currently, I teach Western Civ and AP American Government.  Over the years, I have been involved with various school activities such as the Asian Awareness Club, the Explorers Club, Varsity Tennis, the Ski Club and the Class Officers.  Currently, I am the co-sponsor of the National Honor Society.
    Background Education:
    • Masters in Education (Classroom Instruction): Gratz College, 2001
    • Bachelor in Arts (Education and History): Bucknell University, 1994
    • Since the completion of my Master's Degree, I have earned 30 additional credits
    Background Information:
    I was born in Neligh, Nebraska but was raised on a military base in the Upper Peninsula in Michigan before my family relocated to Manchester, NH my junior year of high school.  My family still resides in NH.  After graduating from Bucknell University, I accepted a teaching position at Haverford High School.  Since then, I have gotten married and have two children of my own.