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    Name: Ryan Feeley

    LINK TO CLASS WEBSITE: feeley.pbworks.com  
    Grade(s): 9th and 11th
    Subject(s): Social Studies--Western Civilizations (9th), American Studies (11th)
    Email: feeley@havsd.net
    Phone: 610-853-5900 ext. 2214
    Homeroom Number: 2018-Q (room 214)

    Personal Background: I graduated from Downingtown High School in 2000 with a high school diploma, then from Kutztown University of PA in 2004 with a B.S. in Education with a concentration in history.  In May of 2010 I received my M.S. in Education from Wilkes University.  I currently live in Malvern, PA.  My hobbies include reading, running, and spending time with my 2 children (and my wife, too!).
    Class Information: A History of Western Civilization is a semester course required for ninth graders at Haverford High School.  Students will learn to improve their reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills in the context of European history.  The course begins with the Age of Enlightenment (1700s) and ends as close to the present day as possible, but always covers World War Two (1941-1945).  American History is a semester course required for eleventh graders.  Students will learn "What it means to be an American?" and "What does the American Dream mean?"  We learn mostly 20th-century American History (1920s-present day).