Mr. Wells


    Mathematics                                                                                              Room: 358



    610.853.5900 ext. 2816


    Homeroom: 2019-S
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    Important Note to Parents: Since assessments are not kept by the student, they may be requested by a guardian to be sent home and are expected to be returned in a timely manner.

    Current School Year Courses:

    • First Semester: Honors Algebra 1 
    • Second Semester: AP Calculus C and Algebra 2
    Career Biography:
    • Graduated from University of Delaware with a bachelor degree in Mathematics Education.
    • Started teaching at Haverford High School in 2006.
    • Assistant cross country coach and volunteer wrestling coach.
    • Graduated from Villanova University with a masters degree in Mathematics.
    • Graduated from West Chester University with a masters degree in Mathematics Education.
    • Earned a certificate in Administration from Temple University.
    • Employed by the ETS to grade the AP Calculus BC Exam.
    • Attending University of Delaware for a Ed.D. in Education Leadership.