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    Name:  Gene Frantz 
    Grade(s): 10th and 12th
    Subject(s): English Communications
    American Literature and World Literature
    Email: efrantz@haverfordsd.net
    Phone: 610-853-5900   X-2737
    Homeroom Number: 229

    I began my teaching career at Cardinal Brennan High School, a small Catholic high school in Frackville, Pennsylvania.  Then, I moved to the Valley Forge Military Academy and spent 16 years teaching English, journalism, theatre, and speech.  I decided to move into the public school sector and secured a job for five years at Chichester High School.  I had the opportunity to move to the Haverford School District and did so five years ago.  I have a total of 35 years of teaching experience.
    In my spare time, I love to spend time with my family and my Labraheeler, Boomer.