Heart Referral Form Word or PDF
    HEART is the Student Assistance Program of Haverford Middle School. It is an interdisciplinary team of school professionals who meet regularly to identify students who are experiencing barriers to school success, and to connect them to resources within the school, as well as to external resources. HEART can only intervene with the permission of parents, and student and family confidentiality is protected.

    The HEART team identifies students in need of assistance through the referral process. Any member of the school or outside community can refer a student to HEART. Students can be referred to HEART when they are experiencing barriers in any of four areas: attendance, academics, health, and behavior. The area of behavior encompasses stressors, mental health issues, and ATOD (alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs).

    When a student is referred to HEART, the team gathers information on the student’s attendance, academic performance, health, and behavior. The team reviews this information and decides whether HEART intervention is appropriate. If so, they decide on what interventions to offer. A case manger from the team contacts a parent and requests permission to proceed with the HEART process and enlists parental support. The student's parent is a valuable member of the HEART team from this point on. If the team recommends school-based services, the case manager coordinates services and follows up to insure that the student receives them. The team can also recommend an assessment from the Holcomb Behavioral Health Systems liaison to assess the student for mental health as well as drug and alcohol issues. The liaison will assist the family in accessing appropriate services outside school, and she will follow up with the family to insure that they receive these services.

    Any member of the school community can refer a student to HEART in one of several ways. They can contact a HEART team member directly, or they may contact a guidance counselor or social worker who will facilitate the referral. They can also fill out a pink HEART Referral Form, located below, and leave it in the HEART box located outside of room 011B, the Developmental Guidance classroom, or hand it to your grade level counselor. After you make a referral you will hear from the case manager assigned to the case to let you know the HEART team has received the case and will begin the HEART process.

    The HEART coordinator in the Haverford Middle School is Kim Alexander and she can be reached at: (610)853-5900 ext. 5011 or alexander@havsd.net.