• Ms. Hagerty by Andie M.                 
     Hi and welcome to 7th grade Art! 7th grade Art is a class that meets for one quarter of the year.  We will be working on three units of study in that quarter.  In our unit of DESIGN,we will review the Elements of Art and learn about the Principles of Art and understand how they both work together to make up an artwork.  In our unit on PORTRAITURE, we will further improve our drawing skills by adding more realistic touches like shadowing and facial expressions.  And in our PERSPECTIVE unit we will be working on drawing three dimensional objects and learning about one point perspective and atmospheric perspective.  In all these units we will be experimenting with a variety of materials  from crayons, pastels, paints and markers to cut papers, plastercraft, papier mache and some clays.




    Claire Hagerty
    7th Grade
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    What is Art But a Way of Seeing?
                            Thomas Berger
    Every man's work, whether it be literature or music or pictures, is always a portrait of himself.
                         Samuel Butler
    You use  a glass mirror to see your face; you use a work of Art to see your soul.
                                         George Bernard Shaw