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    Mr. Michael Huth
    8th Grade Science
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    Please refer to this site for class handouts and assignments!
    8th Grade: Chemistry
    Quiz correction Form: Quiz Correction Form 
     Did you forget to bring home your Red Chemistry Packet? No worries! Just download this PDF link, and print the pages you need to complete!
    Quiz Corrections Due:Terms Quiz Wednesday, Quiz 2 Friday 10/26
    Chemistry Quiz 2 Thursday, 10/18
    Lesson 12: Packet Pages 48-54 Due Wednesday 10/17
    Terms Quiz Tuesday, 10/16
    Quiz Corrections Due Friday, 10/5 download the quiz correction form if you forgot to bring one home! 
    Chemistry Quiz 1 Tuesday, 10/2
    Due 9/18: Complete Page 14 of your Red Chemistry Packet 
     Due 9/14 Complete Pages 9-11 in your Red Chemistry Packet. Use this website to help you answer the questions: 
    Due 9/5 Bring in Pennies and a roll of Duct Tape 
    Due 9/7 Safety Contract, Supplies 
          • Pencils - Eraser caps
          • Scissors - Erasers
          • Colored pencils - Pencil Case
          • Glue sticks - Highlighter
          • Sticky notes
    Resources: Click on the link to access the online SEPUP textbook! http://ebooks.lab-aids.com/student-resources
    username: haverfordms
    password: science