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    Mr. Michael Huth
    7th-8th Grade Science
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    Please refer to this site for class handouts and assignments!
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    8th Grade: Physics
    Quiz correction Form: Quiz Correction Form 
    Dynmic Planet Supplemental Packet: Dynamic Planet Supplemental Packet
    Physics Unit Test Friday 6/8
    Take Home Quiz Due Wednesday (period 3) Thursday (period 6)
    Quiz Corrections Due Friday 6/8
    Physics Quiz 2: Wednesday 5/30
    Physics Quiz 1, Thursday 5/10
    Genetics Unit Test Friday, 4/20
    Genetics Quiz Monday 4/9
    Genetics Quiz Monday 3/12
    Use this Quizlet to help you study
    Weather Open-Note Quiz Friday 2/9
    If you need to check your answers for sections 5-8, Use this link: 
    Due 2/6: Weather Packet Sections 5-8 
    If you need to get answers for sections 1-4, Use this link: 
    Due 2/1: Temors Lab Final Report
    Due 1/31: Weather Packet Sections 1-4
    Tremors Lab Permission Form due Thursday 1/3/18 Tremors Lab Permission Slip
    Dynamic Planet Unit Test: Thursday 12/21
    Use this Quizlet to help you study for the Unit Test
    Dynamic Planet Quiz 2: Tuesday 12/19
    Use this Quizlet to help you study
    Dynamic Planet Supplemental Packet Sections 5-8 Due Friday, 12/15
    Dynamic Planet Supplemental Packet Sections 1-4 Due Friday, 12/8
    Use this link to help you answer your packet questions: Dynamic Planet Supplemental Packet
    Dynamic Planet Quiz 1 Friday, 12/1
    Use this Quizlet to help you study: Dynamic Planet Quizlet 1
    Chemistry Unit Test Friday, 11/10
    Use this Quizlet to help you study: 
    Chemistry Quiz 3: (Period 3) Friday (Period 6) Monday
    Use this Quizlet to help you study Chemistry Quiz 3 Quizlet
    Chemistry Quiz 2: Now Thursday 10/19
    Use this study guide to help you for the Quiz: Chemistry Quiz 2 Study Guide
    Use this Quizlet to help you study: Quizlet Chemistry Quiz 2
    Quiz Corrections for Terms Quiz Due Thursday 10/19
    Chemistry Terms Quiz: Friday 10/13
    Use this quizlet to help you study:Quizlet Terms Quiz
    Due 10/4: Quiz Corrections 
    Chemistry Quiz 1: Wednesday 9/27
    Use this quizlet to help you study: Chemistry Quizlet 1
    Download the study guide if you did not take one in class: Chemistry Quiz 1 Study Guide
    Due 9/13 Period 6: Chem4Kids worksheets use the website Chem4Kids to help you complete the worksheet. Chem4Kids Worksheet
    Due 9/12 Period 3: Pages 9-11 in packet
    Due 9/6 Bring in Pennies and a roll of Duct Tape 
    Due 9/8 Safety Contract, Supplies 
          • Pencils - Eraser caps
          • Scissors - Erasers
          • Colored pencils - Pencil Case
          • Glue sticks - Highlighter
          • Sticky notes
    7th Grade: Life Over Time
    Click on the link to download your Ecology Packet if you have forgotten to bring it home: Ecology Packet 2017-2018
    Click on the link to download your Space Science packet if you have forgotten to bring it home: Space Science Packet 2017-2018
    Quiz Correction Form: Quiz Correction Form 
    Resources: Click on the link to access the online SEPUP textbook! http://ebooks.lab-aids.com/student-resources
    username: haverfordms
    password: science
    Life Over Time Quiz 2 Friday 6/8
    Life Over Time Quiz: Friday 5/25
    Weird-O Animal Project Due 5/24
    Ecology Unit Test Thursday 5/3
    Oh Deer Data & Questions: Due 4/20
    1)Name 3 essential components of habitat (things animals need to survive)

    2)Tell what caused the increase of “deer” during the activity.

    3)Tell what caused the decrease of “deer” during the activity.

    4)Explain why wildlife populations never stay the same but are continuously changing.

    Ecology Test 1: Friday 4/20
    Due Thursday 4/5: Research the 3 examples of Symbiosis and write:
    The organisms involved
    Who benefits/is harmed
    The type of Symbiosis (mutualism, commensalism, parasitism)
    Bones of the Body Quiz Wednesday 3/20
    Use this Quizlet to help you study!
    Ecology Quiz 2 Friday 2/23
    Due 2/21: Packet Pages 15-16 Seed Germination Lab
    Due 2/14: Packet Page 27
    Use this website to help you complete the page
    Due 2/13: Packet Pages 19-20
    Use this reading to help you finish 19-20
    Ecology Quiz 1 Friday 2/2:
    Use this Quizlet to help you study:
    Due 1/31: Amoeba sisters: Carbon and Nitrogen Cycle worksheet. 
    Worksheet Download:Amoeba Sisters Worksheet 
    Due 1/11: Ecosystem Drawing: draw a picture of an ecosystem near your neighborhood. Draw and label 5 biotic, and 5 abiotic factors and color the drawing. On the back of your paper, give two examples of how the biotic factors affect the environment, and how the abiotic factors affect the environment. 
    Due 1/4: Write 2 examples of an Organism's response to stimuli. 
    Planet Project Due Friday!! 12/22
    Astronomy Unit Test Friday 12/15
    Use this Quizlet to help you study
    Rocket and Lander Packet Pages Due Friday 12/8 Rocket 61-68 Lander 70-76
    Astronomy Test Corrections Due Wednesday, 12/6
    Astronomy Test Friday 11/17
    Use this quizlet to help you study: Astronomy Test Quizlet
    Due 11/8: Moon Phenomenon Project: Page 43 of your packet. Use these questions to guide your research Moon Phenomenon Questions
    Due 11/3: Moon Observations pages 41-42 in your packet. Use this link to help you draw your observations: Moon Observation Link
    Astronomy Quiz 2 Friday 10/27
    Use this quizlet to help you study: Astronomy Quizlet
    DUE 10/24: Pages 38-39 in packet
    Due 10/20: Finish your quiz corrections (page 51 of packet, and Finish copying the season diagram in the back of your science packet: Season Diagram
    Due 10/17: Famous Scientist Project (page 11 of packet)
    Due 10/4: Pages 14-15 in the packet
    Scientific Method/Day/Night Quiz Tuesday 10/10
    Use this Quizlet to help you study Space Science Quizlet
    Due 9/29: Peer Evaluation Form 
    Due 9/27: Design a Lab presentations
    Due 9/12: Qualities of a Scientist
    Due 9/8 Supplies, Syllabus, Safety Contract