• Facts and Stats
    Mission Statement:

    Enrollment: 1225 students
    6th Grade: 402
    7th Grade: 421
    8th Grade: 402

    Average Class size:

    5 Administrators
    4 Guidance Counselors
    98 Faculty
         30 Male
         67 Female
    -- Support Staff
    Degrees Held By Faculty: (i.e. Doctorates: 6, Masters: 61)(do we want this, do we have this?)

    Campus and Facilities: ---classrooms, one library with ---- volumes, eleven science labs, fivecomputer labs, one auditorium, three art studios, threemusic studios, three gyms, two athletic fields (shared with High School), two tennis courts (shared with High School),one track (shared with High School), one fitness center, onewrestling room

    Pennsylvania Assessment of Schools

    We have always boasted of our excellent teaching staff, brilliant students and supportive families who all contribute to student's ability to excel in school. Our boasts have not been without merit as we continue to see Middle School test scores improve.

    2007/08 School Year

    Receiving a score of 25/25 Haverford Middle School was pleased with the 2008 measure of Annual Yearly Progress.

    report card 1

    Students overall performance was well above the 2008 target on almost every level.

    report card 2

    Read the complete report card of 2007/2008 School Year performance. (pdf)

    2008 Post-AYP PSSA results

    All assessment information has been collected from the Pennsylvania Department of Education website. To find more information on the quality of Haverford Township Schools please visit their site.

Last Modified on October 12, 2011