Name: Brian Gibson
    Grade(s): 11-12
    Subject(s): US Government; Minority Studies
    Email: gibson@havsd.net
    Phone: 610.853.5900 Ext. 2324
    Homeroom Number: Room 324

    Honors Government: Mr. Gibson: Spring 2016

    The purpose of this course is two-fold; first, to help students better understand our system of government and politics, and second, to challenge students to become more engaged in that system.

    We will learn about the following aspects of government and politics:

    1. The framework and philosophy of American government: The Declaration of Independence, The Articles of Confederation and the U.S. Constitution, federalism

    2. The Judicial Branch and the development of Civil Rights and Civil Liberties

    3. The Media

    4. The Electoral Process; public opinion, interest groups, political parties

    5. The Executive Branch and U.S. Foreign Policy 

    6. The Legislative Branch

    7. Public Policy and the manner in which all of the above affect it

    Assessments will include tests, often incorporating essays and multiple choice questions, quizzes, homework assignments, and individual and group projects.