• Clubs
    Activities Night
    Run Dates:
    Open to all HMS students
    Location: Gym A/B, Gym D and cafeteria
    Cost: $5.00 per night
    Information: HMS students are invited to Activities Night on hte following dates: 10/20/17, 11/10/17, 12/08/17, 2/9​/2017​, 04/06/18
    Food, games, open gym, music and more!
    Actor's Workshop
    Run Dates: November - June
    Open to all students until Spring Break.
    Location: Cafeteria
    Permission Slip
    Information: Actor's Workshop is a club designed for fun! The group focuses on improvisational skills typically in the comedic arena. For half the year, the group functions as a club open to all students. After spring break, a select group rehearses for a June showcase.
    Art Club
    Run Dates: Tuesdays from 2:40- 3:30, October through May
    Open to all students at any time
    Location: Room 056
    Permission Slip
    Information: Every week we will work with specific materials so you can come when you like what we are doing, you can come and go if you join a sport for a season or do the school musical or whenever you are able! No monetary cost, just bring your ideas and creativity!
    Art Club - 6th Grade
    Run Dates: October through January
    Open to 6th grade students at any time
    Location: Room 052
    Permission Slip
    Information: Join us as we explore fun art activities after school.
    Art Club - The Fab 8
    Sponsor: Ms. Sue Stein
    Run Dates: November - May, designated Thursdays, 2:45 - 3:30
    Open to 8th grade students at any time
    Location: Room 261
    Information: Expand your knowledge and skills about art, media and techniques.
    All School Musical
    Sponsors: Ms. Kristina Psitos and Ms. Rebecca Stump
    Run Dates: Auditions will be held in December and the show will go off March 24th and 25th. Rehearsals will be every Tuesday-Thursday (2:30-5:00), but not every student will be needed at every rehearsal.
    Open To: All HMS students
    Location: Auditorium
    Permission Slip
    Information: See the Theater web page for more information
    Best Buddies
    Run Dates: September - June
    Open to: All Students
    Location: Room 104
    Permission Slip
    Information: In the middle school Best Buddies operates a student-run friendship club, which creates buddy pairs between students with and without disabilities. The students involved in Best Buddies here at HMS are committed to creating an inclusive school environment. Students will develop relationships that to help navigate the middle school years and move with them as they transition to high school and into their adult lives. Not all students will have one-to-one buddies. Associate members will have a huge responsibility planning events, fundraising and working with the club sponsors to make school more enjoyable for everyone.
    For additional information please visit: www.bestbuddiesonline.org
    Bowling Club
    Run Dates: December - February
    Open to all students at any time.
    Location: Wynnewood Lanes (meet in room 165 after school).
    Cost: $6.00, which includes bowling and shoe rental. May bring additional money for snack.
    Permission Slip
    Information: Have you ever gone bowling?  If you would like to try bowling for the first time, or if you are an experienced bowler, the Haverford Bowling Club is for you. 
    Chekhov Lizardbrain - Great Books Club
    Sponsor: Dr. Jason Finn
    Run Dates: 11/1-5/31
    Open to all students
    Location: Room 035
    Permission Slip
    Information: Read & talk about great classic books and discuss them with other interested souls. We will meet several times a quarter after school
    Community Service Club
    Run Dates: October - June
    Open to all students at any time
    Location: Room 104
    Permission Slip
    Information: Students will be offered the opportunity to participate in community service activities, which will benefit a wide variety of community members and groups. Activities will range from organizing fundraising activities and taking monthly trips to service locations, to cooking and serving meals, and organizing a Martin Luther King day of service! Come on out an give back to your community! Remember, "To whom much is given, much is expected!"
    Cooking Club
    Run Dates: 11/1 through 12/15 (and probably again in the spring) Students will be assigned (3) days to attend during one week.
    Open to: All HMS students
    Location: Room 133
    Information: The club will cook a variety of recipes throughout the year as determined by student interest. 
    Comic Book Club
    Run Dates: 10/16, 10/24, 10/30, 11/6, 11/14, 12/4, 12/18, 1/2, 1/8, 1/16
    Open to all HMS students
    Location: Room 256
    Cost: N/A
    Permission Slip
    Cross Country
    Run Dates: September - November
    Open to all students
    Location: outdoors
    Information: Any 6th, 7th, or 8th grader who likes to run is invited to attend the cross country informational meeting on Wednesday, September 14th, in the auditorium right after school. Permission slips and meet schedules will be distributed. Since cross country is considered a club, 6th, 7th and 8th graders are eligible to participate. If you are unable to attend the meeting please see Mrs Young in room 202.
    6th Grade Intramural Field Hockey
    Sponsor: Mrs. Kerns-Phillips
    Run Dates: Nov. 2, 3, 7 and 10
    Open to: 6th grade girls
    Location: Meet in gym A/B on the girls’ side
    Permission Slip
    Information: Learn the game of Field Hockey. We will supply what you need, but bring your own equipment if you have it. You will need a mouth guard, but we have those, too. Wear sneakers or cleats and comfortable clothes. Dress for the weather and bring water. All are welcome, even if you haven’t played before.
    6th Grade Intramural Flag Football
    Sponsor: Ed Brocklesby
    Run Dates: October 6th - November 17th
    Open to:  all 6th grade students
    Location: Football practice field behind the Middle School
    Permission Slip: needed with emergency contact information
    Information: 6th grade students are invited to take part in an intramural touch football league.
    - Students will be randomly assigned a team.
    - Games will be once a week from 2:45 – 4:15.
    - Games will be on the football PRACTICE field (behind the Middle School)
    - Students are responsible for their own transportation home.
    - Cleats or sneakers are OK.
    - Players should bring a water bottle to all games.
    - Teams will randomly be assigned a color, and the players will make up the team name.
    2016 Schedule of Games
    Wednesday, October 5th, Game 1; Thursday, October 13th, Game 2; Tuesday, October 18th, Game 3; Tuesday, October 25th, Game 4; Wednesday, November 2th, Game 5; Wednesday, November 9th, Playoff 1; Tuesday, November 15th, Championship Week
    Floor Hockey - 6th Grade
    Run Dates: Fall and Spring
    Open to all 6th grade students at any time
    Location: Gym D
    Students must wear sneakers and a mouth guard
    More Information
    Information: 6th Grade Floor Hockey is open to any 6th grader that is interested in having some fun after school.  No experience is necessary.  All students that sign up will have a team that they play for.  Two games are played each day and each run for about 30 minutes each.  Come out and have a great time!  
    Ford Focus - TV Studio
    Run Dates: 7:20am - 8:00am, September through June. Training sessions Mondays or Wednesdays after school.
    Open to all students through October
    Location: Technology Office, room 119
    Permission Slip
    Information: Haverford Middle School broadcasts the morning announcements to the classrooms, as well as other school wide activities or information. Students participate as directors, camera operators, teleprompters, editors and anchors. Students must be able to arrive at school at 7:20am to participate in the morning broadcast.
    Ford Frenzy Club
    Sponsors: Mrs. Gannon
    Run dates: all school year
    Location: depends upon the location of the game/event
    Permission Slip
    Information: The Ford Frenzy Spirit Club is open to all students who want to cheer on fellow Fords at home games and events. Students will make signs and cheer at selected home sporting events for each season. Students are responsible for getting to the sites of the games as transportation is not provided.
    French Club
    Sponsors: Mrs. Jeanmarie Alls and Mrs. Kim Cox
    Run Dates: Monthly, September through May. 2:45 - 3:45
    Open to all students at any time.
    Location: Room 139
    Permission Slip
    Information: French Club is a group of students who share an interest in French culture, travel and cuisine. The meetings include learning about holidays and traditions in France, sharing French food, music and activities relating to French culture. No prior experience necessary. 
    Gaming Club
    Sponsor: Mr. Mike Huth
    Run dates: November through February.
    Open to all students at any time.
    Location: Room 252
    Permission Slip
    Looking for something to do in the afternoon?  Gaming Club will start in November right after school in room 252.  Bring a game, bring a friend, or come by yourself and use the games that Mr. Huth provides.  You need a signed permission slip to stay.
    Geography Bee Club
    Run dates: December
    Open to all students.
    Location: Room 282
    This year the geography bee club will be held mostly on Tuesdays and Thursdays during the month of December. For each session, the students will practice reading all types of maps, learn common vocabulary, and use games, mental maps, and videos to practice current knowledge of the world. Your child does not have to attend each practice session to qualify for the school wide bee. 
    Sponsor Names: Ms. Kim Alexander and Mrs. Nancy Naylor and Ms. Lindsey Hughes
    Run Dates: Once a week on Thursdays, beginning February 2 through March 23
    Open to: all HMS 6th Grade girls
    Location: 011
    Information: Each week we will promote a different theme with different activities including: Making Connections in Middle School and Beyond; Stress Management and Yoga; Self-Esteem~clarifying interest, values and goals with Angela Marchesani from Women’s Resource Center; Take a Stand, Lend a Hand- being an ally; When I Grow Up.......interest and career exploration with Sue Kaiden, professional career counselor; film making; identifying, understanding and preventing relational aggression and empathy and leadership: Hand-In-Hand. Girls from HHS will be joining us as mentors and healthy snacks will be provided.
    Gold Team
    Run Dates: September - June
    Open to 8th Grade Students
    Permission Slip
    Information: This club is open to 8th grade students who meet certain physical education and service requirements. The teachers of the Physical Education Department will provide information about this club. See Mr. Tallon or Mr. Miglianico in the boys gym office, Mr. Trabosh, in room 274, or Mr. Brocklesby, in room 050, with any questions. 
    Run Dates: October - June
    Open to: All HMS students
    Location: Room 224
    Information: Beginners, experienced golfers and anyone in between may join us as we learn golf's fundamental skills and rules and what makes it the greatest game there is!
    Harry Potter Club
    Sponsor: Rebecca Stump
    Run Dates:
    Open to all students at any time
    Location: Room 171
    Permission Slip
    Are you hoping to get your Hogwarts letter in the mail? Do you wish you had a pet owl who could deliver your mail? Do you want a wand that could do your chores for you? Id you said yes, then HP club is right for you! We will meet once a week to immerse ourselves in all things HP. 
    Questions? Please ask Ms. Stump room 171. 
    History Day Club
    Run Dates: September - May
    Open to: all students at any time
    Location: Library Lab
    Permission Slip
    Information: Do you think learning about the past is cool? Would you like to find out more about a favorite historic event, person, or time period? Then the National History Day Club or "NHD" is for you!
    Haverford Middle School is looking for students to participate in National History Day. NHD is an opportunity for you to work with other students on projects that will be entered into competitions. These start as local competitions, with the possibility of making it to nationals in June at the University of Maryland.
    Homework Club
    Run Dates: Monday through Thursday, from 2:40 until 3:20, October through early May
    Open to all students at any time.
    Location: Room 155 or Room 278
    Information: This is an opportunity for students who are in need of extra support to receive assistance in homework, studying, projects, and organizational skills. 
    Indoor Soccer
    Run Dates: December - February
    Open to boys and girls at any time.
    Location: Gym D
    Information: Keep in shape this winter playing pickup games of indoor soccer.
    Kick Out The Jams
    Sponsor: Dr. Jason Finn
    Run Dates: 11/1 - 5/31
    Open to all students
    Location: Room 035
    Permission Slip
    Information: A club where we listen and talk about cool & influential music - play your favorite songs and albums and songs that shaped the world. We will meet several times a quarter after school.
    Knitting Club
    Sponsor: Mrs. Sue Ellen Gerber
    Run Dates: Mondays and Thursdays from 2:35-3:35, December through January
    Open to all students
    Location: Room 278
    Permission Slip
    Information: If you are an experienced knitter, come and knit with us. If you have never knit, but would like to learn a life long skill that you can use to make a variety of projects, then this club is for you. We will learn to knit and then knit a simple project. There will be a one time cost involved for the needles and yarn. There is a limit of 8 students.
    Math Competition Club
    Run Dates: September - May
    Open to all students at any time
    Location: Room 182
    Permission Slip
    Information: The goal of the club is to promote excitement, enthusiasm and positive attitudes towards mathematics through collaboration, computation, and competition.
    Math Help Club
    Run Dates: Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 2:35 - 3:20, October 18th - May 24th
    Open to all 6th grade students at any time.
    Location: MS Library
    Information: Bring your questions about the math you're working on, your homework and textbook. Students do not need to sign up and can drop in when needed. Remember to arrange transportation home.
    There are many musical clubs available at the Middle School. Please see the Music website for more information.
    Jazz Ensemble with Mr. Alex Gittelman
    Men's Choir with Mrs. Jackie Langley
    Chamber with Ms. Julie Reyes
    Seventh Heaven with Mrs. Jackie Langley
    Woman's Choir with Mrs. Jackie Langley
    Musical Theater Club
    Sponsor: Rebecca Stump
    Run Dates:
    Open to all students at any time
    Musical Theater Club is an audition prep club where students will learn what is expected from them at auditions. We will be singing, dancing, and having fun! This club is meant for anyone who loves all things musical theater and who hopes to pursue theater at the middle school, or just wants to improve their dancing and acting skills. Questions? Please ask Ms. Stump room 171 or Ms. Psitos room 284
    Opera Club
    Run Dates: March 22nd - April 26th
    Open to all students. Students must attend at least 3 club meetings to attend the performance. Limited tickets availabile for the Opera so first come, first to go!
    Location: Room 139 and The Academy of Music
    Cost: $10.00 for bus fee
    Information: to follow in the spring
    Photography Club 
    Sponsor: Ms. Sue Stein
    Run Dates: Thursday, Bi-Weekly, November - May, 2:45 - 3:30
    Open to all students at any time
    Location: Room 261
    Information: Learn about the camera, different photography techniques, editing and printing of photos. Bring your own camera if you have one, or cameras are available for students.
    Quiz Bowl
    Sponsor: Mr. Jason Langin
    Run Dates: October - May
    Open to all registered teams
    Location: Room 152
    Permission Slip
    Information: Quiz Bowl is an academic team challenge game where teams of five are pitted against one another in the ultimate battle of knowledge! Records are kept throughout the year for a final champion to be crowned in May!
    Reading Olympics
    Run Dates: All year. Meeting once a week to start, then more frequently as competition approaches in the spring
    Open to all students until January, when teams are be formed for competition.
    Location: HMS Library
    The ever-popular Reading Olympics is held every year. All HMS students that love reading and fancy a friendly county-wide competition are welcome to check it out. HMS hasn't failed to bring blue ribbons home yet! If you want to be part of this raucous time, just come prepared with a permission slip. If you have questions, feel free to stop by the library and ask Ms. Hay for information.
    Can't wait to meet you, future Olympians! 
    Run dates:
    Open to all students
    Location: Room 255
    Please visit the Science Olympiad webpages for more information
    Set Design
    Run Dates: Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays in January and February until play dates. Fridays could also be included if necessary. Weekend practices could be necessary close to show time. We usually meet from 2:45- 3:30 most days until we get closer to show dates when we will be working directly with the cast.
    Open to all students at any time.
    Location: Room 056
    Permission Slip
    Ski and Snowboard Club
    Run Dates: January - February: Safety Meeting for all members
    Open to all students. Applications are completed in December for each school year. 
    Location: Big Boulder, Poconos
    Cost: $65.00 -$75.00. Students may rent equipment or bring their own on the ski trips.
    Information: Everyone is welcome to join ski club, no prior ski experience is necessary. Students sign up online by deadline and are accepted to Ski Club (space permitting). Students are then provided with a permission/payment form at ski club meetings. Ski club meetings are mandatory and include safety instructions from the Mountain Ski Patrol.  Meetings will be held after school. Visit the ski club website to register and up-to-date information about the annual HMS ski trips.
    Stem Science Club
    Run Dates: Mondays, October - December
    Open to students in all grades
    Location: Room 251
    Information: Club activities will include exploration in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and math.
    Student Council
    Run Dates: September through June
    Open to students in all grades. Applications are completed in September for each school year. This club is currently closed to new applicants.
    Location: Room 152
    Permission Slip
    Cost: May be additional cost for trips
    Information: Student Council is a student leadership organization dedicated to service in our school and surrounding community. Students work throughout the year on a variety of service projects.
    Talent/Variety Show
    Run Dates: January - June
    Open to all students at any time. No experience necessary.
    Location: Room 156
    Information: A place for musicians to meet in the hopes of forming bands to play in an end of year talent showcase.
    Bring your own Guitar/Bass/Drum Pad, Small amplifier.
    Tech Crew
    Run Dates: January - March
    Open to all students at any time.
    Location: MS Auditorium
    Permission Slip
    Information: Support the Middle School theater by learning to operate lighting, microphones, and sound equipment for the school performance. No experience necessary
    Tennis Club
    Run Dates: Fall Season (Spring Season TBD)
    Open to: All HMS students
    Location: Middle School/High School tennis courts
    Information: Intramural tennis is open to players of all levels; newer player will learn the basics, and experienced players can sharpen their skills. The format will emphasize play and fun.

    Ukulele and Keyboard Club
    Sponsor: Ms. Sarah Smith
    Run Dates: Thursdays, 2:35 - 3:20, December - April
    Open to all students at any time.
    Location: Room 20/24
    Permission Slip
    Information: Ukulele and Keyboard club is welcoming to students new to the ukulele and piano! Students will have the opportunity to learn ukulele and piano techniques and skills by learning songs on both instruments, playing solo and as a group, and experimenting with various sound effects. For those already familiar with the ukulele or piano, this club is the perfect opportunity to practice or to learn new skills and songs!
    Run date: Mid fall through publication date in early April
    Open to all students at any time.
    Location: Room 013
    Information:  Haverford Middle School publishes its own yearbook, which is professionally printed and distributed at the end of the school year. Students participate as editors, reporters, photographers and artists to assemble the yearbook before its submission to the printer.
    Yoga/Namaste Club
    Sponsor: Ms. Licia Popernack
    Run Dates: Wednesdays in April and May (dates will be announced on Ford Focus)
    Open to: all students and staff
    Location: Wrestling Room
    Permission Slip
    Info: Yoga is a non-competitive way to get fit through challenging postures that build strength, flexibility, and confidence. We will also focus on breathing and other relaxation techniques that can be used to alleviate stress. No prior experience needed; all levels are welcome. A mat (available at 5 Below), and "workout" clothing recommended. Permission slip is required.