• Attendance

    ·     Every day of the school year is an opportunity for our children to learn and grow.  It is very important that students attend school every single day, and that kids arrive at school at 8:35 AM to have time to unpack and prepare for instruction to begin promptly at 8:45 AM. 

    ·      Whenever possible, please try to schedule doctor’s appointments after school. 

    ·      If your child is sick and will be absent from school, please:

    1.  Call Mrs. Fairman in the main office to let her know.

    2.  Send in a note when your child returns that includes the reason your child was absent.

    If your child is late to school, the parent should walk the child into school and submit a note including the reason for the lateness.

    If your child needs to leave school early one day for a doctor's appointment, please send in a note with your child that morning to inform your child's teacher and the office.

    ·     If your child must leave school early one day, please send in a note to your child’s teacher.  Parents or guardians must report to the office to sign the student out of the building; students are not permitted to wait outside of the school to be picked up.  If a student returns to school the same day, he or she must report directly to the school office to check in before proceeding to the classroom. 

    ·     The School District of Haverford Township’s “Request for a Prearranged Absence” form is available on our school website.  Please note that no more than 5 days may be approved for family vacation time as long as there is an educational component. 

    Please see the School District of Haverford Township’s attendance policy regarding absences and lateness. The District is required to report unexcused lateness and/or absences to appropriate authorities.  PA requires the district to report “habitually truant” students after “seven (7) unexcused absences,” and “does not permit more than ten (10) excused absences annually.”