Bus Policies & Procedures

Bus Policies for every bus rider:

- The bus driver is in full charge of the bus and riders at all times. Students are as responsible to the driver while riding the bus as they are responsible to their teachers while in school.
- It is dangerous for students to move about while the bus is in motion. You may not change seats while the bus is in motion or scuffle with other students while on the bus. You are not permitted to stand in the bus.
- Any distraction of the driver's attention (to remind you of some regulation or to answer an unnecessary question) jeopardizes the safety of every student on the bus. Therefore, students may not carry on unnecessary conversations with the driver.
- Students should always be ready at their bus stops at least five minutes before the bus is scheduled to arrive. Changing weather and road conditions make it impossible for school buses to arrive at exactly the same time every morning.
- You are responsible for keeping the bus clean. Do your part to keep the floor and seats free of trash, and the upholstery and interior finish of the bus in the same excellent condition in which you found it.
- Students must not stand in the traffic lanes while waiting for the bus to arrive. Remain on the sidewalk.
- The rear door of the bus is for EMERGENCY USE ONLY.
- Students may not, at any time, extend their arms or head out of the bus windows.
- When students must cross a roadway to be picked-up by a bus, the bus driver-after carefully looking for approaching vehicles- will signal to students when it is safe to cross, when all traffic has stopped. STUDENTS MUST WAIT UNTIL THE DRIVER SIGNALS BEFORE CROSSING THE ROADWAY.
- At all discharge (drop-off) points where it is necessary for students to cross a roadway, the bus driver will allow you to cross in the front of the bus while the red flashing lights are in operation and traffic is stopped. When all students have safely crossed the roadway, the lights will be turned off.
- Smoking, abusive language and disruptive conduct while riding on the bus WILL CAUSE YOU TO LOSE YOUR RIGHT TO RIDE THE BUS.
- Students must not engage in any activity which may cause damage to the bus. Students damaging, vandalizing or defacing a school bus WILL BE REQUIRED TO PAY THE COST OF THE REPAIRS AND WILL BE SUBJECT TO DISCIPLINARY ACTION.
- Any directions given by the bus driver, pertaining to the operations and safety of the bus or the conduct of the students, MUST BE OBEYED BY ALL STUDENTS.