Translate our Resources

Translate our Website

You will find a Translate link in the center of the red header on all School District webpages. Select Translate and choose your language from the pop-up list.

Translate link in the header of all Haverford School District webpages


Translate forms in the PowerSchool Parent Portal


image of search for an extension in the Chrome web store
  • Use the Chrome browser
  • Go to the Chrome Web Store by following this link:
  • On upper left side of page, select “extensions” and then type “Google Translate” in bar for “search the store”
  • Select “Google Translate” from translation extensions listed as depicted below.
  • Add the "“"Google Translate"”" Extension to your browser by clicking the "Add to Chrome" button
inage of selecting Google Translate extension in hte Chrome web store
image if Google Translate Extension Add to Chrome button


  • The Chrome extension will appear in your address bar.
Image of Google Translate Extension on the Chrome Toolbar
  • If you do not see the Google Translate icon on your toolbar, select the Puzzle piece to access the Google Translate extension
  • Select the thumbtack to Pin the Google Translate to your Toolbar
  • Select the three vertical dots to the right of Google Translate --> drag down to Options. In the Chrome Extension Options window set your primary language
    You may choose any of the popup window choices
    Save your selections
select puzzle piece on Chrome browser and the thumtack to pin Google Translate to the toolbar.
Google Chrome Extension Options to set your primary language
  • Log into your PowerSchool Parent Account

  • Select the three vertical dots again.
  • Drag down to: This Can Read and Change Site Data 
  • And select either: On or On All Sites
image showing steps to allow the Google Translate extension to translate pages