It's seems everybody has a blog these days, including teachers and other people who are passionate about education. 
Here are some of the most popular sources of big and deep thoughts. Well worth your time to take part in this online community - if only as a reader!
What makes Warlick's 2¢ priceless is a mix of intense curiosity, refreshing enthusiasm, and photos that speak of a wry and observant personality. 
Miguel Guhlin's blog features the quote "Courage can't see around corners, but goes around them anyway." Look past its uninspiring interface, and you'll find just this kind of pithy talk. 
In ongoing debates about education, the borderline-irrelevant topics often prove enlightening. The only danger is in not paying attention to them.
Jacobs practices a kind of free linking and free thinking that takes you from country to country and from religion to technology to health, all in the orbit of education. 
The keyword in the name of this blog refers to an informal gathering to drink coffee and chat. As a Web barista, Schrock serves a compelling educational brew. 
Written by school leaders for school leaders, proof that those at the top are fighting for change, too.
Uses plain language to highlight exciting technology and innovation in education. 
It may be the Daily Showof education blogs, combining parody, retro images, and a skeptical sensibility in service of a true concern for our educational future. 
Checking out the well-crafted entries on this site is like a one-on-one with a patient mentor: lots of wisdom, few wasted words. 
As its snowy mountain logo implies, Will Richardson's weblogg-ed is a breath of fresh air. Without clutter, his entries can be meditated on in singular simplicity. (Full disclosure: He's on our advisory board. This blog reminds us why.)