Online Applications

Google Suite

Students will use the Google Suite of applications to complete school work in the classroom. Students are provided a secure School District account which limits their collaboration and communication within the Haverford domain. As part of the Google Suite students are able to learn how to use real world applications for word processing, presentations, spreadsheets, forms, as well as practice good communication skills using email, document collaboration, and online meeting forums. THe classwork create within their Google account may be accessed from a variety of sources both on and offline while saved in secure Google cloud storage. 


Students will use Kami to read, mark up, and fill in PDF files and submit them online through Canvas. The tools provided on Kami 's toolbar are simple enough to be manipulated by the youngest students. Built in accessibility tools make Kami the perfect tool to introduce students to PDF annotation.


Using online tools for video conferencing has become the norm in 2020 and the School District has purchased Zoom to create a high quality experience for our students. Again, we are exposing students to tools that are used in major corporations to communicate with a variety of people in areas all over the world. While our students are prevented from creating Zoom meetings with their school Google mail account, they will participate in meetings with their peers, teachers, and principals while learning the valuable rules of netiquette and communication in a secure setting with guidance from our teaching staff.