The Canvas Community offers a great deal of help with your questions about how to help your student with Canvas. If you are asked to login, select the haverford instructure Canvas Account. 

How to Access Canvas

All Haverford students have the opportunity to use a Chrome Device supplied through the School District. Chromebooks use the Chrome web browser to access Canvas at Students may access the Canvas learning management system from any device connected to the internet including iPhones  and android phones 

Log in to the App on your Mobile Device

Log into Canvas with the IOS app - How to Use the App 

Log into Canvas on the Android App How to Use the App 

Recommended Web Browsers for Canvas

It is recommended you have the newest version of ChromeFirefox, or Safari, however, Google Chrome is the best option for Canvas use. Your Chromebook will keep Chrome up-to-date automatically but if you are accessing Canvas on another device you will need to update Chrome regularly to avoid problems with Canvas.

Internet Explorer is not recommended (especially anything below IE 8). Review the Canvas Guidelines for supported browsers.

It might be necessary to sometimes clear your cache. For steps on how to do that, visit the following link: Clearing Browser Cache.