Tax Collection FAQs

Tax Information: Frequently Asked Questions

If paying in installments: Total face amount is divided in thirds. Payments MUST match amount listed on bill.

The bank can not process payments that do not match and payment will be returned. There are NO discounts for installments.

We do not accept partial payments. Please follow one of the payment schedules listed on your bill.

Installment payments are intended to allow taxpayers to make payments until November without penalty.

Bill must accompany your check. The bank can not accept payment in person without a bill. Checks sent to the PO Box without bills are returned, delaying payment. This is a problem with checks done on-line, checks issued via automatic bill pay services, etc. If using a service such as online bill pay, please direct the payment to : Tax Collector, 50 East Eagle Road, Havertown PA, 19083.
Also, checks pre-printed with the PO Box address and sent without the actual bill, will also be returned, again delaying payment.

Checks should be made payable to School District of Haverford Township.

Make sure checks are dated and signed. Undated or unsigned checks are returned.

It is illegal to post-date checks, therefore they will not be accepted.

Payments may be made in person at TD Bank - if this is not convenient payment can be made at the School District Administration Building / Oakmont, 50 East Eagle Road, from 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM.

The School District can not accept cash. Checks only.