Algebra I Resources

Pennsylvania Keystone Exams Algebra 1 Resources

Students have had significant practice for the Keystone exams in class but may want extra practice.  

The following are materials which you can print and practice with:

Sample Exam Modified From Pennsylvania Released Items

Sample Exam Answers

Sample Exam Solutions 

Sample Exam From PA Department of Education

Find additional information from the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

Students may also use Study Island to continue to practice for the exam.  All students in Algebra I have been given a username and password for this site.

Another electronic website is  This site is free for all Haverford students.  Click on Login and type Haverford19083, you do not need to enter anything for the password.  When you log in search for the Algebra 1 Course.  Click on the course and study any part of Algebra.

If you have problems entering or utilizing resources, email Dr. Jeffrey Nesbitt.