Residency Verification

Residency Verification Begins March 1st

The School District of Haverford Township requires verification of continued residency in the township and confirmation of contact information for students in fifth (5th) and eighth (8th) grade who plan to attend Haverford Middle School and Haverford High School in September 2024. 

In accordance with Board policy #200, Enrollment of Students, the District requires each student’s residency to be verified by parents/guardians or other adults with whom the student resides prior to June 30, 2024. 

Student schedules will only be issued to those students whose residency is verified.

Families must submit their verification documents through their PowerSchool parent account (PowerSchool Parent Accounts) starting March 1, 2024. Each student verification requires two (2) acceptable documents, as outlined in the current policy and in their entirety, with the address and name(s) clearly indicated. Examples of acceptable documents include:

  • Deed
  • Mortgage Statement
  • Settlement Statement
  • Current Lease Agreement
  • Current Property Tax Bill
  • Current Utility Bill
  • Current Credit Card Bill
  • PennDOT Identification Card

Documentation submitted by families will be reviewed for authenticity and accuracy beginning in March and continuing through June. Once your child’s documents have been verified, confirmation will be communicated through your PowerSchool parent/guardian account. 

Failure to verify residency and contact information by June 30th may result in the initiation of a nonresident student removal proceeding in accordance with Board Policy 202.

If you encounter a problem during the process, please contact

David Parker
Supervisor of Pupil Services

Completing the Residency Verification Form in PowerSchool