Completing the Residency Verification Form in PowerSchool

In the spring of a student's 5th and 8th grade year, parents are required to upload current proof of residency. Please follow the directions below to complete the process of submitting documetation online through the PowerSchool portal. 

1. Log in to the PowerSchool Parent portal
If you have not previously created a PowerSchool parent account or need assistance with your login information please submit a help request to


2. Select your current 5th or 8th grade student from the blue navigation bar. A separate form must be completed for each student.

image of the navigation bar of students in your PowerSchool account







3. Select Forms from the left navigation. 

the left navigation bar of the PowerSchool website

4. Review the information pre-populated on the form: 

  • Student's name
  • Parent(s)/Guardian(s) names
  • Address 

                Select either the button in front of "My address is the same." or the button in front of  "My address has changed."

Choose one of the two option. My address is the same or my address has changed

5. Review the types of acceptable documentation to verify your address.

All documentation must be a complete document showing the address of residency. 

Only the documents listed are acceptable as proof of residency. (Credit card account numbers, bill balances, social security numbers may be redacted prior to submitting the document.)

6. Scan to pdf, or take a photo of each document and use the Upload button to attach each proof of residency to the form.

You must upload at least 2 forms of residency. 

an image of the three button available on the proof of residency form to upload acceptable documentation for residency in Hav

How to scan a document using your iPhone
How to scan a document using your android phone

7. Complete and submit the form. 

an image of the signature, relationship nad submit boxes on the PowerSchool residency verification form